Stellarium 0.15.2
Socket Member List

This is the complete list of members for Socket, including all inherited members.

fd (defined in Socket)Socketprotected
handleSelectFds(const fd_set &read_fds, const fd_set &write_fds)=0 (defined in Socket)Socketpure virtual
hangup() (defined in Socket)Socket
isClosed() const (defined in Socket)Socketinlinevirtual
isTcpConnection() const (defined in Socket)Socketinlinevirtual
prepareSelectFds(fd_set &read_fds, fd_set &write_fds, int &fd_max)=0 (defined in Socket)Socketpure virtual
readNonblocking(void *buf, int count) (defined in Socket)Socketinlineprotected
sendPosition(unsigned int ra_int, int dec_int, int status) (defined in Socket)Socketinlinevirtual
server (defined in Socket)Socketprotected
Socket(Server &server, SOCKET fd) (defined in Socket)Socketinlineprotected
writeNonblocking(const void *buf, int count) (defined in Socket)Socketinlineprotected
~Socket() (defined in Socket)Socketinlinevirtual