Stellarium 0.15.2
Nebula Member List

This is the complete list of members for Nebula, including all inherited members.

AbsoluteMagnitude enum valueStelObject
addNameAlias(QString name) (defined in Nebula)Nebulainline
AllTypes (defined in Nebula)Nebulastatic
AltAzi enum valueStelObject
CatalogGroupFlags enum nameNebula
CatalogNumber enum valueStelObject
CatB enum valueNebula
CatC enum valueNebula
CatCed enum valueNebula
CatCr enum valueNebula
CatIC enum valueNebula
CatLBN enum valueNebula
CatLDN enum valueNebula
CatM enum valueNebula
CatMel enum valueNebula
CatNGC enum valueNebula
CatPGC enum valueNebula
CatRCW enum valueNebula
CatSh2 enum valueNebula
CatUGC enum valueNebula
CatVdB enum valueNebula
Distance enum valueStelObject
DrawNebulaFuncObject (defined in Nebula)Nebulafriend
EclipticCoordJ2000 enum valueStelObject
EclipticCoordOfDate enum valueStelObject
Extra enum valueStelObject
GalacticCoord enum valueStelObject
getAltAzPosApparent(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAltAzPosAuto(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAltAzPosGeometric(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAngularSize(const StelCore *) const Nebulavirtual
getCloseViewFov(const StelCore *core=NULL) const Nebulavirtual
getDSOType() const (defined in Nebula)Nebulainline
getEnglishAliases() const (defined in Nebula)Nebula
getEnglishName() const Nebulainlinevirtual
getEquinoxEquatorialPos(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getEquinoxEquatorialPosApparent(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getEquinoxEquatorialPosAuto(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getGalacticPos(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getI18nAliases() const (defined in Nebula)Nebula
getInfoColor() const Nebulavirtual
getInfoMap(const StelCore *core) const Nebulavirtual
getInfoString(const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const Nebulavirtual
getJ2000EquatorialPos(const StelCore *) const Nebulainlinevirtual
getMorphologicalTypeString() const Nebula
getNameI18n() const Nebulainlinevirtual
getParentSatellitesFov(const StelCore *) const (defined in StelObject)StelObjectinlinevirtual
getPointInRegion() const StelObjectinlinevirtual
getPositionInfoString(const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const StelObjectprotected
getRegion() const Nebulainlinevirtual
getSatellitesFov(const StelCore *) const StelObjectinlinevirtual
getSelectPriority(const StelCore *core) const Nebulavirtual
getSiderealPosApparent(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getSiderealPosGeometric(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getSupergalacticPos(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getSurfaceArea(void) const Nebula
getSurfaceBrightness(const StelCore *core) const (defined in Nebula)Nebula
getSurfaceBrightnessWithExtinction(const StelCore *core) const (defined in Nebula)Nebula
getType() const Nebulainlinevirtual
getTypeString() const Nebula
getVMagnitude(const StelCore *core) const Nebulavirtual
getVMagnitudeWithExtinction(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
HourAngle enum valueStelObject
IAUConstellation enum valueStelObject
InfoStringGroupFlags enum nameStelObject
Magnitude enum valueStelObject
Name enum valueStelObject
NebAGx enum valueNebula
NebBLA enum valueNebula
NebBLL enum valueNebula
NebBn enum valueNebula
NebCl enum valueNebula
NebCn enum valueNebula
NebDn enum valueNebula
NebEMO enum valueNebula
NebEn enum valueNebula
NebGc enum valueNebula
NebGx enum valueNebula
NebHII enum valueNebula
NebIGx enum valueNebula
NebISM enum valueNebula
NebMolCld enum valueNebula
NebN enum valueNebula
NebOc enum valueNebula
NebPn enum valueNebula
NebPossPN enum valueNebula
NebPossQSO enum valueNebula
NebPPN enum valueNebula
NebQSO enum valueNebula
NebRGx enum valueNebula
NebRn enum valueNebula
NebSA enum valueNebula
NebSC enum valueNebula
NebSNR enum valueNebula
NebStar enum valueNebula
Nebula() (defined in Nebula)Nebula
NebulaMgr (defined in Nebula)Nebulafriend
NebulaType enum nameNebula
NebUnknown enum valueNebula
NebYSO enum valueNebula
NoFont enum value (defined in StelObject)StelObject
ObjectType enum valueStelObject
PlainText enum valueStelObject
postProcessInfoString(QString &str, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const StelObjectprotected
RaDecJ2000 enum valueStelObject
RaDecOfDate enum valueStelObject
removeAllNames() (defined in Nebula)Nebulainline
setCircleColor(const Vec3f &v) (defined in Nebula)Nebulainline
setLabelColor(const Vec3f &v) (defined in Nebula)Nebulainline
setProperName(QString name) (defined in Nebula)Nebulainline
SiderealTime enum valueStelObject
Size enum valueStelObject
SupergalacticCoord enum valueStelObject
TypeActiveGalaxies enum valueNebula
TypeBrightNebulae enum valueNebula
TypeDarkNebulae enum valueNebula
TypeGalaxies enum valueNebula
TypeGroupFlags enum nameNebula
TypeHydrogenRegions enum valueNebula
TypeInteractingGalaxies enum valueNebula
TypeOther enum valueNebula
TypePlanetaryNebulae enum valueNebula
TypeStarClusters enum valueNebula
TypeSupernovaRemnants enum valueNebula
~Nebula() (defined in Nebula)Nebula
~StelObject() (defined in StelObject)StelObjectinlinevirtual
~StelRegionObject(void) (defined in StelRegionObject)StelRegionObjectinlinevirtual