Stellarium 0.15.2
HttpCookie Member List

This is the complete list of members for HttpCookie, including all inherited members.

getComment() const HttpCookie
getDomain() const HttpCookie
getMaxAge() const HttpCookie
getName() const HttpCookie
getPath() const HttpCookie
getSecure() const HttpCookie
getValue() const HttpCookie
getVersion() const HttpCookie
HttpCookie(const QByteArray name, const QByteArray value, const int maxAge, const QByteArray path="/", const QByteArray comment=QByteArray(), const QByteArray domain=QByteArray(), const bool secure=false)HttpCookie
HttpCookie(const QByteArray source)HttpCookie
setComment(const QByteArray comment)HttpCookie
setDomain(const QByteArray domain)HttpCookie
setMaxAge(const int maxAge)HttpCookie
setName(const QByteArray name)HttpCookie
setPath(const QByteArray path)HttpCookie
setSecure(const bool secure)HttpCookie
setValue(const QByteArray value)HttpCookie
splitCSV(const QByteArray source)HttpCookiestatic
toByteArray() const HttpCookie