Stellarium v0.22.1 has been released!

2022-04-16 11:40:00 +0000 by alex-w

The Stellarium team is delighted to announce the release of Stellarium 0.22.1.

The major changes of this version:

  • Added fixed equatorial grid/line
  • Added new sky cultures
  • Fixed building Stellarium (AppImage)
  • Updated DSO catalog


Full list of changes:

  • Added Khoikhoi and San sky culture (GH: #2396)
  • Added Xhosa sky culture (GH: #2395)
  • Added fixed equatorial grid/line (GH: #2399)
  • Added DSO names (GH: #2387)
  • Fixed building AppImage/x86_64 package
  • Fixes various typos in sky cultures (GH: #2400)
  • Fixed rendering 3D models for solar system bodies (GH: #2367)
  • Changed screenshots naming: properly detect largest screenshot number (GH: #2379)
  • Updated DSO catalog (v3.15): updated visual magnitudes for Messier objects from RNGC/IC catalog by Wolfgang Steinicke (GH: #2375)
  • Updated designations of stars (GH: #2391)
  • Updated licence statement for few sky cultures