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StelObject Member List

This is the complete list of members for StelObject, including all inherited members.
AbsoluteMagnitude enum valueStelObject
AltAzi enum valueStelObject
CatalogNumber enum valueStelObject
Distance enum valueStelObject
Extra1 enum valueStelObject
Extra2 enum valueStelObject
Extra3 enum valueStelObject
getAltAzPosApparent(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAltAzPosAuto(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAltAzPosGeometric(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getAngularSize(const StelCore *core) const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getCloseViewFov(const StelCore *) const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getEnglishName() const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getEquinoxEquatorialPos(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getInfoColor() const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getInfoString(const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags=StelObject::AllInfo) const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getJ2000EquatorialPos(const StelCore *core) const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getNameI18n() const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getParentSatellitesFov(const StelCore *) const (defined in StelObject)StelObject [inline, virtual]
getPositionInfoString(const StelCore *core, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const StelObject [protected]
getRegion() const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getSatellitesFov(const StelCore *) const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getSelectPriority(const StelCore *) const StelObject [inline, virtual]
getSideralPosApparent(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getSideralPosGeometric(const StelCore *core) const StelObject
getType() const =0StelObject [pure virtual]
getVMagnitude(const StelCore *core, bool withExtinction=false) const StelObject [virtual]
HourAngle enum valueStelObject
InfoStringGroup typedef (defined in StelObject)StelObject
InfoStringGroupFlags enum nameStelObject
Magnitude enum valueStelObject
Name enum valueStelObject
PlainText enum valueStelObject
postProcessInfoString(QString &str, const InfoStringGroup &flags) const StelObject [protected]
Q_FLAGS(InfoStringGroup) static const InfoStringGroupFlags AllInfoStelObject
RaDecJ2000 enum valueStelObject
RaDecOfDate enum valueStelObject
ShortInfoStelObject [static]
Size enum valueStelObject
~StelObject() (defined in StelObject)StelObject [inline, virtual]
~StelRegionObject(void) (defined in StelRegionObject)StelRegionObject [inline, virtual]
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