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darcorolaler The User Data Directory is the place where Stellarium saves the configuration file, recorded scripts and can also be used to override files in the Installation Data Directory if the user wishes to customise Stellarium. The location of this directory varies depending on the operating system.

OS Location
Linux / BSD / other POSIX $HOME/.stellarium where $HOME is your home directory.
Windows This is the Stellarium sub-directory of your users Documents and Settings directory.
MacOS X $HOME/Library/Preferences/Stellarium where $HOME is your home directory.

The directory tree within the User Data Directory is the same as the Installation Data Directory. Any file which exists in the User Data Directory will over-ride that in the Installation Data Directory.

For example, to modify the position of a nebula texture, the user may copy the nebulae/default/nebula_textures.fab file from the Installation Data Directory to the nebulae/default sub-directory of the User Data Directory and modify it there. In this manner, each user on a multi-user system may have their own customized Stellarium data files.

See the user guide for a more detailed description of these files.

See also: Installation Data Directory.

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