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La plupart des gens naviguent sur le Web dans leur propre langue. Pensez aux élèves qui sont dans les écoles primaires à travers le monde et qui n'ont pas encore étudié l'anglais. Afin de leur donner la possibilité de découvrir Stellarium, nous serions très reconnaissants si vous pouviez nous fournir une traduction de la page d'accueil WEB C'est une petite tâche, mais extrêmement importante.

- E-mail votre travail à jome.

Ce qui doit être traduit

It's all on a single page, in English,

  • Everything on the homepage needs to be translated, except the news section.
(Coordinating a fully translated news section would be very difficult to do. On top of that it is often specific information aimed at lead users, so the benefits to most Stellarium users would be rather low.)
  • The screenshots page doesn't need translation either, they are evocative enough for most users, and the current page design isn't very graceful anyway.
  • The homepage works with a few php includes. This means that php generates the page on request, which enables the simple inclusion of one file in all translated pages. The list of languages at the bottom is an example of that. Make sure you add or mention the name of the new language.
  • When a new version is released, the list in the left column might change to highlight new features. For instance, with version 0.8.1, "telescope control" was added. The feature list should be updated now and then in the different languages, to keep it relevant.

Quelques conseils

Save the page to your computer. You now have the starting document to do the translation, via a text editor or a WYSIWYG program.

If you want to test the page on your own server, you could change the stylesheet to this one with absolute links. A few things probably won't work: all php generated content and all relative links. No need to change this. The layout should be correct however - if not, maybe a markup tag was inadvertently deleted.

If you use base tag in head element and in front of link tags, then you can check easily images and relative links without changing to absolute link. Example:

<base href="" />

"xx" is two letter code(Ex. Japanese is "ja").

Finished? Mail the file to jome. If you're good with wiki's, edit the table below, and thanks a million!


Language Version Translator/editor Two letter code (info) Notes URL
English 0.8.2 jome en CVS is now SVN
Czech 0.9.0 dwiggy cs
Deutsch 0.9.0 Tillman Hentze, Michael Taeschner de
Greek 0.9.0 Christos Sotiropoulos el
Spanish 0.8.2 Guillermo García Malo, José Antonio Jiménez Madrid, Alejandro Ramón Ballesta es
Suomi 0.9.0 villep (l10n pending commit) fi
Français 0.9.0 n/a fr
Hrvatski 0.9.0 Mihael Špičko hr
Magyar 0.9.0 András Mohari hu
Italiano 0.10.0 Giulia Iafrate it
日本語 0.8.2 sigma ja
Nederlands 0.8.2 jome nl
Polski 0.10.0 somebody/dybol pl
Portuguese 0.10.0 Wille Marcel pt
Brazilian Portuguese 0.10.2 Rodrigo Amorim pt-BR
Swahili 0.8.2 Arthur Buliva sw
Русский 0.10.0 Коптев Олег ru
正體中文 0.8.1 Gsklee zh
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