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How to install textures

After you have downloaded the .zip file for a textures collection from this page, you need to install it in Stellarium.


You can follow this procedure to install a texture package:

  1. Browse to your Installation Directory, which varies according to your operating system.)
  2. Open a sub-directory called textures in your installation directory.
  3. Unzip the textures .zip file in the textures directory (Or put the image directly).


milkyway.jpg Milky Way Ian Norman CC-BY-NC 2.0 3000x3000 6.1 MB
A better Milky Way texture, which based on Nick Risinger's Photopic Sky Survey image under CC-BY-NC. Details.

Screenshot not available Default Textures Stellarium team various free licenses 256x128 6.17 MB
Default pack of textures in series 0.12. Details read in README.

Screenshot not available 0.5K Textures RVS various free licenses 512x256 9.1 MB
Pack of textures from Celestia and Space Engine projects (low resolution).
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