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How to install textures

After you have downloaded the .zip file for a textures collection from this page, you need to install it in Stellarium.


You can follow this procedure to install a texture package:

  1. Browse to your Installation Directory, which varies according to your operating system.)
  2. Open a sub-directory called textures in your installation directory.
  3. Unzip the textures .zip file in the textures directory (Or put the image directly).


milkyway.jpg Milky Way Ian Norman CC-BY-NC 2.0 0.10+ English
A better Milky Way texture (3000x3000px), which based on Nick Risinger's Photopic Sky Survey image under CC-BY-NC. Details.

Screenshot not available Default Textures Stellarium team various free licenses 0.10+ English
Default pack of textures. Details read in README.
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