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I used the MinGW to compile the project. I had to change the mingw paths to the three executables(gcc,g++,ar) in the CMakeCache.txt file and add the path to the qmake.exe.

But it worked then. I'm not sure if those should be added to instructions, because I am not an expereinced make user.

Windows Vista Home Premim and Windows XP Professional with SP3

I've tested the MinGW build procedure with Windows Vista Home Premium and on Windows XP Professional with SP3 with a successful build in my first try.

Leftfield Alternative

I’ve got a 64 bit windows 7 machine that wouldn’t run Stellarium. Here’s my leftfield alternative to all that building and compiling. I downloaded Oracle’s free virtual machine, installed Ubuntu on a new virtual box and then went to the Stellarium site and clicked on the Ubuntu default version. Ubuntu took care of the install and Stellarium now works fine on my virtual box. Got to be a huge saving on mouse clicks, key strokes and effort….. Hope it helps. Chris Hall

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