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The planet rendering idea

The list has been copied from the SOCIS list, hasn't it?

I've removed this item: ===Project: Improve the planet rendering === :See Launchpad Blueprints and '''Brief explanation:''' The current rendering is very basic: planets are ellipsoids mapped with a rectangular texture, lightning is very basic (material parameters are the same for each planets), no shadow or bump mapping is performed, no atmosphere is rendered when a planet is seen from outside its atmosphere. The goal is to improve the code related to 3D rendering so that the level of realism is improved. Main features would be: * Allow for 3D models, not only ellipsoids. This will allow proper rendering of non spherical asteroids, artificial satellites. * Improve lightning openGL parameters (material, etc..). * Allow for satellites/rings shadow on the mother planet. * Rendering of atmospheric phenomenon: clouds, noctilucent clouds, zodiacal light, auroras. During the last refactoring the code where all these operations appear was grouped in a single place, thus making coding easier. The main method to modify is Planet::draw3dModel(...) '''Knowledge Prerequisite:''' OpenGL, Geometry, Basic Astronomy. '''Mentor:'''

It's too vaguely defined. Some work on atmospheres has been done by Hikiko, but we still haven't even decided what to do with it yet. I'm going to add some more defined task. Feel free to edit/argue.--Daggerstab 18:35, 13 February 2012 (UTC)

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