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In Stellarium version 0.9.0, star catalogues are split into 9 files, which contain stars of varying brightness. These files can be found in the <installation directory>/stars/default/. Only the smaller four of these files come with Stellarium in the main package to keep the size manageable.

Here is a list of all available catalogues. The RAM needed column is an estimate. (MNG managed to load file 7 with 512 M ram, but only just. YMMV).

File name Star Count Magnitude Range File Size RAM needed Availability 5,013 m < 6.0 138K 256M In default package 21,999 6.0 <= m < 7.5 602K 256M In default package 151,516 7.5 <= m < 9.0 4.1M 256M In default package 434,064 9.0 <= m < 10.5 4.2M 256M In default package 1,725,497 10.5 <= m < 12.0 17M 512M Separate download 7,669,011 12.0 <= m < 13.5 44M 512M Separate download 26,615,233 13.5 <= m < 15.0 153M 512M Separate download 57,826,266 15.0 <= m < 16.5 333M 512M (just!) Separate download 116,923,084 16.5 <= m < 18.0 674M 1024M? Separate download

To try out the large catalogue files download them from here, and put then in the stars/default sub-directory of the Installation Data Directory.

NOTE: when downloading from this page, do not right-click and save as - left click. These are not direct download links - they are links to the list of download mirrors. Left click on them, and wait for your download to start.

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