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The ssystem.ini file in the data directory can be extended to contain comets and asteroids. Here are a few extended ssystem.ini files which you can use. If you want just some of the bodies from one file and some from another, you will have to copy and paste the relevant sections of the various files together into your own ssystem.ini file.

Future versions of Stellarium will contain some sort of method to manage groups of extra bodies, but for now it is manual.

The List

Description Link Date created Description
Hendrik's Comet List here 2008-02-16 This file contains a lot of the brighter comets.
Hendrik's Great Comet List here 2008-02-17 This file contains a bunch more comets, including multiple fragments of Shoemaker-Levy 9.
Selected asteroids here 2008-02-17 (corrected) Some bright and/or large asteroids.
Complete MPC List here 2008-07-01 (updated regularly) MINOR PLANET CENTER ORBIT DATABASE (MPCORB). This file contains published orbital elements for all numbered and unnumbered multi-opposition minor planets for which it is possible to make reasonable predictions.


Note that your ssystem.ini file must contain all bodies referenced as parent bodies of objects in your ssystem.ini file - you can't say that the moon is in orbit around Earth, and then not have an Earth body - Stellarium will crash if you do this.

Note on the MPC List

Note that Stellarium in the current version is not designed to handle the complete list of objects by MINOR PLANET CENTER. So please use this file to copy-paste your preferred objects into your own ssystem.ini file. This File is (automatically) updated regularly to reflect the quickly growing number of known dwarf planets and other small bodies of the solar system. Currently, the (unpacked) File is 140 MB (and growing), so make sure you have an editor, which can handle files that large ;-)

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