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*[ Adam Fenley's solar eclipse, 2017]
*[ Adam Fenley's solar eclipse, 2017]

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Note: This page will replace the Scripts page when 0.10.1 is released, and the old page will be re-named.


As of version 0.10.1, Stellarium will use a new scripting engine. This is currently in development (2008-11-04). It is possible to test the new scripting engine if you build the latest SVN Stellarium, although please bear in mind it is not yet complete and the API will most certainly change as development continues.

API Documentaion

After building Stellarium itself from the SVN code, do "make apidoc" (you need Doxygen installed). This will create a directory: .../stellarium/builds/doc/html which contains the API documentation in HTML format.


From the Stellarium SVN repository:

User contributed:

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