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Since the developer meeting of April/May 2007, we decided we should release more often. We also drew up a list of features we consider to be important - things we need to do before we feel comfortable releasing a 1.0 version. The results of those discussions can be found in the feature list spreadsheet.


Version meanings

What the version number means

Stellarium uses a three part version number: a.b.c where

  • a is the series version number. This remains at 0 until we feel we have all the basic functionality which is required for a feature-complete planetarium project. This core functionality is documented in the Stellarium tasklist document.
  • b is the major release number. Major release may include a lot of new functionality, or maybe just a re-worked internal structure. Either way, when this is incremented it's a milestone of some sort. At major releases it is expected that compatibility with older major versions could be broken. This includes scripting commands, configuration options, command line options and work-flow within the program.
  • c is the service release number. Service releases are for bug fixes and may come with extra functionality as it is implemented. With a bit of luck, compatibility with previous service releases for the same major releases should be maintained.

Special Versions

  • 0.10.0 beta. This release is tagged as a "beta" because the of the features which are missing: TUI, telescope control, scripting. The next version will be called 0.10.1, and should have at least a scripting engine.
  • 1.0.0. If we ever get here, it'll be awesome. Somehow it always seems a few years off. Ho hum.



Released June 7 2007


Released January 17th, 2008.

0.10.0 beta

Released September 24th, 2008.


Released February 6th, 2009. Focus: New scripting engine. API improvements and documentation.


To be released after Qt 4.5 is released.

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