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Since the developer meeting of April/May 2007, we decided we should release more often. We also drew up a list of features we consider to be important - things we need to do before we feel comfortable releasing a 1.0 version. The results of those discussions can be found in the feature list spreadsheet.


Version meanings

What the version number means

Stellarium uses a three part version number: a.b.c where

  • a is the series version number. This remains at 0 until we feel we have all the basic functionality which is required for a feature-complete planetarium project. This core functionality is documented in the Stellarium tasklist document.
  • b is the major release number. Major release may include a lot of new functionality, or maybe just a re-worked internal structure. Either way, when this is incremented it's a milestone of some sort. At major releases it is expected that compatibility with older major versions could be broken. This includes scripting commands, configuration options, command line options and work-flow within the program.
  • c is the service release number. Service releases are for bug fixes and may come with extra functionality as it is implemented. With a bit of luck, compatibility with previous service releases for the same major releases should be maintained.

Special Versions

  • 0.10.0 beta. This release is tagged as a "beta" because the of the features which are missing: TUI, telescope control, scripting. The next version will be called 0.10.1, and should have at least a scripting engine.
  • 1.0.0. If we ever get here, it'll be awesome. Somehow it always seems a few years off. Ho hum.



Released June 7 2007


Released January 17th, 2008.

0.10.0 beta

Released September 24th, 2008.


Released February 6th, 2009. Focus: New scripting engine. API improvements and documentation.


Released on 10 March 2009. Uses Qt 4.5.


Released 30th January 2010, Built with Qt Creator on Qt 4.6.1

0.10.4 For Windows

Released 23rd Febrary 2010, Built with Qt Creator 4.6.2

Version 0.10.5

Released 3rd June 2010 Windows, Mac, built with Qt 4.6.2


Released 6th December 2010 Windows, Mac, built with Qt 4.7.1

Next version


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