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The Pointer Coordinates plugin shows the coordinates of the mouse pointer.


Using the Pointer Coordinates plugin

  1. Enable the tool by clicking the tool-bar button "Load at startup"
  2. Click on the plugin button on the bottom toolbar for displaying the coordinates of the mouse pointer

Section [PointerCoordinates] in config.ini file

You can edit config.ini file by yourself for changes of the settings for the Pointer Coordinates plugin - just make it carefully!

ID Type Version Description
Plugin Stellarium
enable_at_startup bool 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Enable displaying coordinates of the mouse pointer at startup of the plugin
flag_show_button bool 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Enable showing the button of the plugin on bottom toolbar.
text_color float R,G,B 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Color for text with coordinates of the mouse pointer.
font_size int 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Font size for the displayed coordinates of the mouse pointer.
current_displaying_place string 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Specifies the place of displaying coordinates of the mouse pointer. Possible values: TopRight, TopCenter, RightBottomCorner, Custom[1]. Default value: TopRight.
current_coordinate_system string 0.2.2+ 0.13.1+ Specifies the coordinate system. Possible values: RaDecJ2000, RaDec, HourAngle, Ecliptic, AltAzi, Galactic. Default value: RaDecJ2000.
custom_coordinates int,int 0.2.2+ 0.13.1+ Specifies the coordinates of the custom place for displaying coordinates of the mouse pointer.

Version history

Plug-in version Stellarium version Significant changes
0.1.0 0.13.0 First public version of plugin
0.2.2 0.13.1 Providing an option to display Hour Angle/Dec, Alt/Az and Ecl.Long/Lat. coordinates in addition to RA/Dec coordinates. Added custom place for coordinates info.

How you can help

We are welcome bug reports, feature requests and feedback through the usual channels (trackers, forums and so on).


  1. Added in version 0.2.2.
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