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[edit] Bemvindo

Bemvindo ao wiki do Stellarium, uma web de conhecimento sobre o Stellarium, o planetário livre para o computador. O wiki permite aos utilizadores do Stellarium construir colectivamente uma base de conhecimento sobre o Stellarium, logo se tiver algo a adicionar, registe-se e edite a página.

Getting started

[edit] guia do utilizador


[edit] extra files for Stellarium

[edit] education

Help us

[edit] ongoing efforts

[edit] specific things you can do

Known Bugs

There are some bugs which need longer term solutions and we know about them already. No need to report these - we are working on them:

Advanced topics

[edit] projection

[edit] telescope control


[edit] compiling

[edit] coding

[edit] public mailing list

[edit] release schedule

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