Known issues in Stellarium 0.10.2

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This page lists bugs and other issues specific to Stellarium 0.10.2 that are known to the community and/or the development team. The purpose of this list is to provide solutions and information about common problems, please report new bugs to the bug tracker.


Finestre di dialogo Corrupt

Questo problema sembra riguardare le schede ATI. Please see  questa pagina per i dettagli (e uno screenshot di quello che sembra).

segnalo errore nella versione 0.10.2, non risultano satelliti del pianeta nettuno.

The "Stop script" button freezes Stellarium (Windows)

Description: Pressing the Stop button in the Configuration/Scripts dialog causes Stellarium to freeze. Reported on Windows XP and Vista.


Status: Fixed in development code.

Solution: Use development version, or wait for next release (sorry!). We fixed it only just after the freeze for 0.10.2.

There is no Text User Interface (TUI)

Description: The TUI feature (used in planetariums) is not present in versions from 0.10.0 (beta) to 0.10.2. According to Fabien Chéreau, this feature should be recoded as a plugin. (source) As of March 2009, there is a development version of the plugin in the SVN repository (link).


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