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Some or all of the information on this page is no longer accurate.

It may be relevant to an older version of Stellarium, or it may not be relevant at all. This page itself should be updated, archived or deleted.

This warning has been here since 10 October 2010.

Here is a page to list all the features people would like to see in future versions. If you are working on adding these features to future versions, please list this under the second sub-heading.

Requested features

  • Year 2038 problem compatibility.
  • Precession of equinoxes support.
  • GUI control for artificial satellites.
  • Improved imagery for nebulae and planets.
  • Full support for Greek letters in star names.
  • Full support for various methods of star classification and names.
  • Set Stellarium as my desktop background
    • in Windows Vista
    • in other OSes (please add)

Features currently being implemented

  • Full support for Greek letters in star names. <<RichardHammings
  • GUI control for artificial satellites. <<Kartoffel What precisely was requested? I'm working on automated lookup of natural solar system bodies via JPL HORIZONS, which tracks a few artificial spacecraft as well. Maybe it overlaps with what I had in mind. See my talk page for details.
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