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||r2079||Linux||recorded scripts||$HOME/
||r2079||Linux||recorded scripts||$HOME/
||?||Win XP||install dir||C:\Program Files\Stellarium\ (in a sub-folder of this?)
||v-0.9.0||Win XP||install dir||(root-partition):\Program Files\Stellarium\
||?||Win XP||config.ini||?
||v-0.9.0||Win XP||config.ini||(root-partion):Documents and settings\(your settings folder)\stellarium\
||?||Win XP||screenshots||Desktop?
||?||Win XP||screenshots||Desktop?
Line 39: Line 39:
||r2133||OSX||recorded scripts||~/Library/Preferences/Stellarium/scripts
||r2133||OSX||recorded scripts||~/Library/Preferences/Stellarium/scripts
||?||Win 2000||install dir||?
||v-0.9.0||Win 2000||install dir||(root-partion)\Program files\stellarium\
||?||Win 2000||config.ini||?
||?||Win 2000||config.ini||?

Revision as of 23:53, 7 June 2007

To whoever is able to build Stellarium on non-Linux platforms:

  • Please see if build works with respect to the locations of files (I moved code from elsewhere into StelFileMgr, but don't have access to non-linux machines to do a test build).
  • Report where files end up. It is not clear to me where this is on non-POISX systems, as the location is determined by a system call unfamiliar to me.

I would like to know the following for the user guide:

  1. Installation directory - the name of the directory where the nebulae, scripts, skycultures, landscapes etc. are installed.
  2. Location of config.ini (the version which is saved when clicking save in the config window, not the default_config.ini file)
  3. Location where screenshots get saved
  4. Location where recorded scripts get saved.

Please enter your results in this table:

SVN Revision Tested Platform Item Result
r2079 Linux install dir $PREFIX/share/stellarium/
r2079 Linux config.ini $HOME/.stellarium/config.ini
r2079 Linux screenshots $HOME/
r2079 Linux recorded scripts $HOME/
v-0.9.0 Win XP install dir (root-partition):\Program Files\Stellarium\
v-0.9.0 Win XP config.ini (root-partion):Documents and settings\(your settings folder)\stellarium\
? Win XP screenshots Desktop?
? Win XP recorded scripts ?
r2133 OSX install dir can be anywhere, but typically /Applications
r2133 OSX config.ini ~/Library/Preferences/Stellarium/config.ini
r2133 OSX screenshots ~/Desktop
r2133 OSX recorded scripts ~/Library/Preferences/Stellarium/scripts
v-0.9.0 Win 2000 install dir (root-partion)\Program files\stellarium\
? Win 2000 config.ini ?
? Win 2000 screenshots Desktop?
? Win 2000 recorded scripts ?
? Vista install dir ?
? Vista config.ini ?
? Vista screenshots Desktop?
? Vista recorded scripts ?
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