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The Equation of Time plugin shows the solution of the equation of time.


The equation of time describes the discrepancy between two kinds of solar time. These are apparent solar time, which directly tracks the motion of the sun, and mean solar time, which tracks a fictitious "mean" sun with noons 24 hours apart. There is no universally accepted definition of the sign of the equation of time. Some publications show it as positive when a sundial is ahead of a clock; others when the clock is ahead of the sundial. In the English-speaking world, the former usage is the more common, but is not always followed. Anyone who makes use of a published table or graph should first check its sign usage.

Using the Equation of Time plugin

  1. Enable the tool by clicking the tool-bar button "Load at startup"
  2. Click on the Equation of Time button on the bottom toolbar for displaying solution for equation of time on top of the screen

Section [EquationOfTime] in config.ini file

You can edit config.ini file by yourself for changes of the settings for the Equation of Time plugin - just make it carefully!

ID Type Version Description
Plugin Stellarium
enable_at_startup bool 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Display solution of the equation of time at startup of the planetarium
flag_use_ms_format bool 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Set format for the displayed solution - minutes and seconds and decimal minutes
flag_use_inverted_value bool 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Change sign of the equation of time
flag_show_button bool 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Enable displaying plugin button on the bottom toolbar
text_color R,G,B 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Color of font for the displayed solution of the equation of time
font_size int 0.1.0+ 0.13.0+ Font size for the displayed solution of the equation of time

Version history

Plug-in version Stellarium version Significant changes
0.1.0 0.13.0 First public version of plugin

How you can help

We are welcome bug reports, feature requests and feedback through the usual channels (trackers, forums and so on).

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