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Bazaar (BZR) is a distributed source code control system system. It lets us keep track of changes to the Stellarium code base, merge changes from different developers and revert back to old version of files if necessary.

If you want to see what the current development version of Stellarium is like, you can get the "work in progress" version of the source code from the Stellarium Bazaar repository at Launchpad. Source code can be accessed by anyone. Because Bazaar is a distributed revision control system, anyone can maintain their own branch of the code, although only developers can commit into the official branch on the Launchpad servers.

For more detailed information about Bazaar see the Bazaar website.

Important Note: The development version of Stellarium is a work in progress. It may be that at the time you download it, the sourcecode does not function as expected, and might not even compile. Please don't flood the forums and bug report areas with build problems for the development version of Stellarium. If there is a build problem, your best bet is to try to figure out the problem yourself from the error messages your compiler spits out. Non-developers will have a tough time with this, so their best bet might be to wait a week or two and check out the code again.

What you need

To get the development code, you will need to download Bazaar. Once you've installed Bazaar, have a look at the documentation to understand better how to use it.

Checking out Stellarium sourcecode

Command Line Bazaar client

It’s easy-peasy:

  1. Open a termainal / console / whatever for your OS, and change directory to where you want the code to go.
  2. Execute the following command:
bzr co lp:stellarium

This operation takes a while for the first time 160MB+ download

That’s it — you should now have a new directory, stellarium which contains the source code. If you’re a newbie, see the INSTALL file in that directory, or consult Compilation on Linux , Windows Build Instructions or Compilation on Macosx to find out how to build the code.

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