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Stellarium needs a few things to be installed on your system before you can build it.

Dependency Ubuntu package name Notes
Automake automake1.9 website.
Autoconf autoconf website.
GNU C Compiler gcc Or compatible alternative.
GNU C++ Compiler g++ Or compatible alternative.
Open GL libgl1-mesa-dev
GLU libglu1-mesa-dev
SDL libsdl-dev website
Zlib zlib1g-dev website
PNG libpng12-dev website
Subversion subversion Optional. Only necessary if you want to build the latest development version (not the "release" versions).
Freetype libfreetype6-dev website.
Boost C++ Libraries libboost-dev Since about 2006-08-28
Boost threading library libboost-thread-dev Since about 2007-03-08
Boost filesystem library libboost-filesystem-dev Since about 2007-03-23
JPEG libraries libjpeg-dev New in version 0.9.x
Curl library libcurl3-dev New in version 0.9.x
QT 4.2 library libqt4-dev New in version 0.9.x. You must make sure that if you have alternatives for QT development tools for QT3, that you set up your alternatives to point at the QT4 versions of the tools (moc etc.) You don't have to use QT for 0.9.0 builds - SDL is still supported, but you should pass --with-qt42=no to the configure script if you want to use it.
CMake cmake Optional. We are investigating using CMake instead of automake/autoconf. Since mid May-2007 it should be possible to build the development version this way.
Doxygen doxygen Optional. If you want to build the API documentation you will need this.
Graphviz graphviz Optional. If you want to build the API document and include fancy class diagrams, you will need this.
SDL-mixer libsdl-mixer1.2-dev Optional. If you want to enable audio features in scripting.

This list is getting quite long... We hope to remove some dependencies after the 0.9.0 release.

Linux users: if your distribution separates libraries into normal and development version, make sure you get the development ones (e.g. in Debian/Ubuntu, the ...-dev packages). Ubuntu users can install all these dependencies in one go by running this command in a terminal:

sudo aptitude install build-essential automake1.9 autoconf \
     libfreetype6-dev cvs libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libpng12-dev \
     libsdl1.2-dev zlib1g-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libgl1-mesa-dev \
     gcc g++ libboost-dev libboost-thread-dev libjpeg-dev \
     libcurl3-dev libboost-filesystem-dev subversion \
     libqt4-dev graphviz doxygen cmake
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