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At the moment, Stellarium supports only a small number of Solar System objects. More can be added by editing the ssystem.ini file, but the process is not easy and not foolproof. A plug-in can provide a GUI for visualising and editing the file. It can also allow importing additional bodies such as comets and asteroids from on-line databases.

The structure of the Solar System can be represented with a QTreeView widget. There can be different display modes - a tree view with the Sun as a root, mimicking the structure of the Solar System, or a tree view with categories such as "Planet", "Satellite" and "Comet" as top level branches.

The JPL/HORIZONS database can be used as a source of asteroid and comet data. Andreas Steinel's on-line parser has the necessary regular expressions. In the weak form of this feature, Stellarium should provide a text field for the data to be pasted in, just like the on-line parser. In the strong form, Stellarium should provide a search interface and process the result automatically.

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