Stellarium 24.2

2024-06-23 12:15:00 +0000 by alex-w

The Stellarium Team has released version 24.2.

The major changes of this version:

  • Improvements in plugins and AstroCalc tools
  • Updates in sky cultures
  • Updates in GUI

Behind the scenes, many more minor issues were fixed.


We have identified some bugs in the TelescopeControl plugin on the Qt6-based releases.

Telescope users, please try whether this solves your problems. If not, we are looking for those of you with programming skills to help us fixing remaining issues. Reward possible!

Full list of changes:

  • Added ability to show an approximate limiting magnitude of devices in Oculars plug-in
  • Added support Twilight Factor and Relative Brightness for binoculars in Oculars plug-in
  • Added support Adler Index for binoculars in Oculars plug-in
  • Added support Bishop Index for binoculars in Oculars plug-in
  • Added more actions for Exoplanets plug-in
  • Added set of navigational stars from Nevil Maskelyne’s “The British Mariner’s Guide” published in 1764
  • Added discovery circumstances for newly discovered comets
  • Added partial solar eclipse opening angle
  • Added ability to follow CMAKE_INSTALL_MANDIR variable (GH: #3732)
  • Added ability to add/subtract great years via hotkeys
  • Added support for localization for solar eclipses maps
  • Added export of an equirectangular raster eclipse map
  • Added missing discovery circumstances for some comets
  • Added note for unmarked entries for Sources in Satellites plugin (GH: #3617)
  • Fixed eclipse artifacts (GH: #3729)
  • Fixed building Scenery3D plugin with Qt 6.7 (GH: #3763)
  • Fixed Russian translation of Belarusian SC description
  • Fixed image path in German translation of Greek (Farnese) SC
  • Fixed references in Romanian SC
  • Fixed Galician translation of Xhosa SC description
  • Fixed Italian translation of Anutan SC description
  • Fixed calculation of twilight factor (or dusk index) for binoculars in Oculars plug-in
  • Fixed hiding/restoring of star name display in Navigational Stars plugin (GH: #3728)
  • Fixed morphological description of DSO
  • Fixed output for CLI option –list-landscapes in Windows
  • Fixed solar radius
  • Fixed CLI output in Windows (GH: #3710)
  • Fixed generator of KML
  • Fixed properties for some periodic comets
  • Fixed remembering the sorting rules between updates in AstroCalc/Positions tool (GH: #3684)
  • Fixed failure to parse too small numbers with from_chars
  • Changed AstroCalc/Eclipses tool: check number of penumbra limits in terms of rise-set line
  • Changed AstroCalc/Eclipses tool: rewrite generation of shadow limits
  • Changed AstroCalc/Eclipses tool: rewrite AstroCalcDialog::getMaximumEclipseAtRiseSet
  • Changed AstroCalc/Eclipses tool: rewrite AstroCalcDialog::getRiseSetLineCoordinates
  • Changed core/AstroCalc: Move solar eclipse computations out from Planet.cpp
  • Changed core/AstroCalc: Move some solar eclipse computations from AstroCalcDialog
  • Changed core/AstroCalc: do not show earthshine during annular or high-percentage partial eclipses
  • Changed core/AstroCalc: refine max eclipse at rise/set curve
  • Changed core: force redraw of NomenclatureItems if needed (GH: #3706)
  • Changed core: rename sky culture change signal for better consistency
  • Changed core: switch off IAU moon numbers from screen labels
  • Changed Satellites plug-in: compactification of GUI
  • Changed Satellites plug-in: improve explanatory tooltip
  • Changed Remote Control plug-in: add and fix missing functions and features
  • Changed scaling limits, special for real planetariums
  • Changed GUI: minor clarification
  • Changed Satellites plugin: expanding photometry and RCS data for satellites
  • Changed Scenery3D plugin: rename variable for debugging of the shaders (GH: #3670)
  • Changed visual style: enable table borders by default in sky cultures
  • Changed visual style: use single lines between table cells in sky cultures
  • Updated Vanuatu (Netwar) sky culture: clarified the license with author
  • Updated Anutan sky culture: fix formatting
  • Updated Chinese sky culture: fix formatting
  • Updated Tibetian sky culture: rename an image to match the name in the links
  • Updated default catalog of exoplanets
  • Updated default list of locations
  • Updated default catalog of pulsars
  • Updated discovery circumstances data for minor planets
  • Updated discovery circumstances data for comets
  • Updated photometry of satellites
  • Updated planetary nomenclature
  • Updated group for RPM
  • Removed extraneous borders in tables in About dialogs of plugins (GH: #3742)
  • Removed config option for an AppImage (GH: #3726)