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WTr _("Winter Triangle","asterism") WTr _("Winter Triangle","asterism")
WHx _("Winter Hexagon (Winter Circle)","asterism") WHx _("Winter Hexagon (Winter Circle)","asterism")
# Form-forming asterisms # Form-forming asterisms
NCr _("Northern Cross","asterism") NCr _("Northern Cross","asterism")
WAs _("W","asterism") WAs _("W","asterism")
KSt _("Keystone","asterism") KSt _("Keystone","asterism")
Bfl _("Butterfly","asterism") Bfl _("Butterfly","asterism")
Kit _("Kite","asterism") Kit _("Kite","asterism")
Sal _("Sail","asterism") Sal _("Sail","asterism")
SSR _("Seven Stars Row","asterism") SSR _("Seven Stars Row","asterism")
DAS _("Arc to Arcturus - Spike to Spica","asterism")
CoH _("Coathanger", "asterism") CoH _("Coathanger", "asterism")
# Associative and sectional asterisms # Associative and sectional asterisms
BDr _("Big Dipper (Plough)","asterism") BDr _("Big Dipper (Plough)","asterism")
LDr _("Little Dipper","asterism") LDr _("Little Dipper","asterism")
Ptr _("The Pointers","asterism") Ptr _("The Pointers","asterism")
HDr _("Dragon Head","asterism") HDr _("Dragon Head","asterism")
HMG _("Head of Medusa Gorgon","asterism") HMG _("Head of Medusa Gorgon","asterism")
Goa _("Goatlings","asterism") Goa _("Goatlings","asterism")
Urn _("The Y in Aquarius (The Urn)","asterism") Urn _("The Y in Aquarius (The Urn)","asterism")
OrB _("Orion's Belt","asterism") OrB _("Orion's Belt","asterism")
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OrC _("Orion's Cudgel","asterism") OrC _("Orion's Cudgel","asterism")
HWl _("Head of Whale","asterism") HWl _("Head of Whale","asterism")
HSr _("Head of Serpent","asterism") HSr _("Head of Serpent","asterism")
HHy _("Head of Hydra","asterism") HHy _("Head of Hydra","asterism")
Tea _("Teapot","asterism") Tea _("Teapot","asterism")
Ter _("Terebellum","asterism") Ter _("Terebellum","asterism")
ECr _("Egyptian Cross","asterism") ECr _("Egyptian Cross","asterism")
FCr _("False Cross","asterism") FCr _("False Cross","asterism")
Sic _("Sickle","asterism") Sic _("Sickle","asterism")
DCr _("Diamond Cross","asterism") DCr _("Diamond Cross","asterism")
Cir _("Circlet","asterism")
# Binocular asterisms
BA1 _("Davis' Dog","asterism")
BA2 _("Honores Friderici","asterism")
EnP _("Engagement ring of Polaris","asterism")
# Telescopic asterisms
TA1 _("Kemble's Cascade","asterism")
TA2 _("Kemble's Kite","asterism")
TA3 _("Mini-Cassiopeia (Kemble 2)","asterism")
TA4 _("Napoleon's Hat","asterism")
TA5 _("The Hercules Keystone","asterism")
TA6 _("Pouring Cup","asterism")
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