StelPropertyMgr.cpp   StelPropertyMgr.cpp 
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if(getValue() == value) if(getValue() == value)
return true; return true;
return prop.write(target,value); return prop.write(target,value);
} }
bool StelProperty::isReadOnly() const bool StelProperty::isReadOnly() const
{ {
return !prop.isWritable(); return !prop.isWritable();
} }
bool StelProperty::isSynchronizable() const
return prop.isWritable() && prop.isStored();
bool StelProperty::canNotify() const bool StelProperty::canNotify() const
{ {
return prop.hasNotifySignal(); return prop.hasNotifySignal();
} }
QMetaType::Type StelProperty::getType() const QMetaType::Type StelProperty::getType() const
{ {
//Qt is quite funky when it comes to QVariant::Type vs QMetaType::Ty pe, see //Qt is quite funky when it comes to QVariant::Type vs QMetaType::Ty pe, see
// //
//and t-in-qvarianttype //and t-in-qvarianttype
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qWarning()<<"StelProperty"<<id<<"not found"; qWarning()<<"StelProperty"<<id<<"not found";
return prop; return prop;
} }
void StelPropertyMgr::onStelPropChanged(const QVariant &val) void StelPropertyMgr::onStelPropChanged(const QVariant &val)
{ {
StelProperty* prop = qobject_cast<StelProperty*>(sender()); StelProperty* prop = qobject_cast<StelProperty*>(sender());
#ifndef NDEBUG #ifndef NDEBUG
qDebug()<<"StelProperty"<<prop->getId()<<"changed, value"<<val; qDebug()<<"StelProperty"<<prop->getId()<<"changed, value"<<val;
#endif #endif
emit stelPropChanged(prop->getId(),val); emit stelPropertyChanged(prop, val);
} }
QStringList StelPropertyMgr::getPropertyList() const QStringList StelPropertyMgr::getPropertyList() const
{ {
return propMap.keys(); return propMap.keys();
} }
void StelPropertyMgr::registerObject(QObject *obj) void StelPropertyMgr::registerObject(QObject *obj)
{ {
const QString name = obj->objectName(); const QString name = obj->objectName();
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