StelActionMgr.cpp   StelActionMgr.cpp 
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const QString& altKey, const QString& altKey,
bool global): bool global):
QObject(StelApp::getInstance().getStelActionManager()), QObject(StelApp::getInstance().getStelActionManager()),
group(groupId), group(groupId),
text(text), text(text),
global(global), global(global),
keySequence(primaryKey), keySequence(primaryKey),
altKeySequence(altKey), altKeySequence(altKey),
defaultKeySequence(primaryKey), defaultKeySequence(primaryKey),
defaultAltKeySequence(altKey), defaultAltKeySequence(altKey),
target(NULL), target(Q_NULLPTR),
boolProperty(NULL) boolProperty(Q_NULLPTR)
,qAction(NULL) ,qAction(Q_NULLPTR)
#endif #endif
{ {
setObjectName(actionId); setObjectName(actionId);
// Check the global conf for custom shortcuts. // Check the global conf for custom shortcuts.
QSettings* conf = StelApp::getInstance().getSettings(); QSettings* conf = StelApp::getInstance().getSettings();
QString confShortcut = conf->value("shortcuts/" + actionId).toString (); QString confShortcut = conf->value("shortcuts/" + actionId).toString ();
if (!confShortcut.isEmpty()) if (!confShortcut.isEmpty())
{ {
QStringList shortcuts = confShortcut.split(" "); QStringList shortcuts = confShortcut.split(" ");
if (shortcuts.size() > 2) if (shortcuts.size() > 2)
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