Scenery3d.hpp   Scenery3d.hpp 
/* /*
* Stellarium Scenery3d Plug-in * Stellarium Scenery3d Plug-in
* *
* Copyright (C) 2011-15 Simon Parzer, Peter Neubauer, Georg Zotti, Andrei Borza, Florian Schaukowitsch * Copyright (C) 2011 Simon Parzer, Peter Neubauer, Georg Zotti, Andrei Bor za
* *
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
* of the License, or (at your option) any later version. * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* *
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details. * GNU General Public License for more details.
* *
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Suite 500, Boston, MA 02110-1335, USA. * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Suite 500, Boston, MA 02110-1335, USA.
*/ */
#ifndef _SCENERY3D_HPP_ #ifndef _SCENERY3D_HPP_
#define _SCENERY3D_HPP_ #define _SCENERY3D_HPP_
#include "StelGui.hpp" #include <QMap>
#include <QStringList>
#include <QFont>
#include <QtConcurrent>
#include "StelCore.hpp"
#include "StelPluginInterface.hpp"
#include "StelModule.hpp" #include "StelModule.hpp"
#include "StelPainter.hpp" #include "StelUtils.hpp"
#include "Landscape.hpp" #include "StelFader.hpp"
#include "SolarSystem.hpp" #include "StelActionMgr.hpp"
#include "StelProgressController.hpp"
#include "OBJ.hpp"
#include "Heightmap.hpp"
#include "Frustum.hpp"
#include "Polyhedron.hpp"
#include "S3DEnum.hpp"
#include "SceneInfo.hpp" #include "SceneInfo.hpp"
#include "ShaderManager.hpp" #include "S3DEnum.hpp"
#include <QMatrix4x4> class S3DRenderer;
class Scenery3dDialog;
class StoredViewDialog;
class QSettings;
class StelButton;
class S3DScene;
//! Main class of the module, inherits from StelModule.
//! Manages initialization, provides an interface to change Scenery3d prope
rties and handles user input
class Scenery3d : public StelModule
//predeclarations // toggle to switch it off completely.
class Scenery3dMgr; Q_PROPERTY(bool enableScene READ getEnableScene WRITE setEnableScen
class LandscapeMgr; e NOTIFY enableSceneChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enablePixelLighting READ getEnablePixelLighting WRIT
E setEnablePixelLighting NOTIFY enablePixelLightingChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableShadows READ getEnableShadows WRITE setEnableS
hadows NOTIFY enableShadowsChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool useSimpleShadows READ getUseSimpleShadows WRITE setU
seSimpleShadows NOTIFY useSimpleShadowsChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableBumps READ getEnableBumps WRITE setEnableBumps
NOTIFY enableBumpsChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality shadowFilterQuality READ get
ShadowFilterQuality WRITE setShadowFilterQuality NOTIFY shadowFilterQuality
Q_PROPERTY(bool enablePCSS READ getEnablePCSS WRITE setEnablePCSS NO
TIFY enablePCSSChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(S3DEnum::CubemappingMode cubemappingMode READ getCubemapp
ingMode WRITE setCubemappingMode NOTIFY cubemappingModeChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool useFullCubemapShadows READ getUseFullCubemapShadows
WRITE setUseFullCubemapShadows NOTIFY useFullCubemapShadowsChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableDebugInfo READ getEnableDebugInfo WRITE setEna
bleDebugInfo NOTIFY enableDebugInfoChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableLocationInfo READ getEnableLocationInfo WRITE
setEnableLocationInfo NOTIFY enableLocationInfoChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableTorchLight READ getEnableTorchLight WRITE setE
nableTorchLight NOTIFY enableTorchLightChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(float torchStrength READ getTorchStrength WRITE setTorchS
trength NOTIFY torchStrengthChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(float torchRange READ getTorchRange WRITE setTorchRange N
OTIFY torchRangeChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enableLazyDrawing READ getEnableLazyDrawing WRITE se
tEnableLazyDrawing NOTIFY enableLazyDrawingChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(double lazyDrawingInterval READ getLazyDrawingInterval WR
ITE setLazyDrawingInterval NOTIFY lazyDrawingIntervalChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(bool onlyDominantFaceWhenMoving READ getOnlyDominantFaceW
henMoving WRITE setOnlyDominantFaceWhenMoving NOTIFY onlyDominantFaceWhenMo
Q_PROPERTY(bool secondDominantFaceWhenMoving READ getSecondDominantF
aceWhenMoving WRITE setSecondDominantFaceWhenMoving NOTIFY secondDominantFa
Q_PROPERTY(uint cubemapSize READ getCubemapSize WRITE setCubemapSize
NOTIFY cubemapSizeChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(uint shadowmapSize READ getShadowmapSize WRITE setShadowm
apSize NOTIFY shadowmapSizeChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QString currentSceneID READ getCurrentSceneID NOTIFY curr
entSceneIDChanged STORED false)
Q_PROPERTY(QString loadingSceneID READ getLoadingSceneID NOTIFY load
ingSceneIDChanged STORED false)
//these properties are only valid after init() has been called
Q_PROPERTY(bool isGeometryShaderSupported READ getIsGeometryShaderSu
Q_PROPERTY(bool areShadowsSupported READ getAreShadowsSupported)
Q_PROPERTY(bool isShadowFilteringSupported READ getIsShadowFiltering
Q_PROPERTY(uint maximumFramebufferSize READ getMaximumFramebufferSiz
//! Representation of a complete 3D scenery
class Scenery3d : protected QOpenGLFunctions
public: public:
//! Initializes an empty Scenery3d object. Scenery3d();
Scenery3d(Scenery3dMgr *parent); virtual ~Scenery3d();
virtual ~Scenery3d();
//StelModule members
//! Loads the specified scene virtual void init();
bool loadScene(const SceneInfo& scene); virtual void deinit();
virtual void draw(StelCore* core);
//! Walk/Fly Navigation with Ctrl+Cursor and Ctrl+PgUp/Dn keys. virtual void update(double deltaTime);
//! Pressing Ctrl-Alt: 5x, Ctrl-Shift: 10x speedup; Ctrl-Shift-Alt: virtual double getCallOrder(StelModuleActionName actionName) const;
50x! virtual bool configureGui(bool show);
//! To allow fine control, zoom in. //! Walk/Fly Navigation with Ctrl+Cursor and Ctrl+PgUp/Dn keys.
//! If you release Ctrl key while pressing cursor key, movement will //! Pressing Ctrl-Alt: 5x, Ctrl-Shift: 10x speedup; Ctrl-Shift-Alt: 50x
continue. !
void handleKeys(QKeyEvent* e); //! To allow fine control, zoom in.
//! If you release Ctrl key while pressing cursor key, movement will co
//! Update method, called by Scenery3dMgr. ntinue.
//! Shifts observer position due to movement through the landscape. virtual void handleKeys(QKeyEvent* e);
void update(double deltaTime);
//! Draw observer grid coordinates as text. //! Sends the progressReport() signal, which eventually updates the pro
void drawCoordinatesText(); gress bar. Can be called from another thread.
//! Draw some text output. This can be filled as needed by developme void updateProgress(const QString& str, int val, int min, int max) cons
nt. t;
void drawDebug(); signals:
void enableSceneChanged(const bool val);
//! Draw scenery, called by Scenery3dMgr. void enablePixelLightingChanged(const bool val);
void draw(StelCore* core); void enableShadowsChanged(const bool val);
//! Performs initialization that requires an valid OpenGL context void useSimpleShadowsChanged(const bool val);
void init(); void enableBumpsChanged(const bool val);
void shadowFilterQualityChanged(const S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality val)
//! Gets the current scene's metadata ;
SceneInfo getCurrentScene() { return currentScene; } void enablePCSSChanged(const bool val);
void cubemappingModeChanged(const S3DEnum::CubemappingMode val);
bool getDebugEnabled() const { return debugEnabled; } void useFullCubemapShadowsChanged(const bool val);
void setDebugEnabled(bool debugEnabled) { this->debugEnabled = debug void enableDebugInfoChanged(const bool val);
Enabled; } void enableLocationInfoChanged(const bool val);
bool getPixelLightingEnabled() const { return shaderParameters.pixel void enableTorchLightChanged(const bool val);
Lighting; } void torchStrengthChanged(const float val);
void setPixelLightingEnabled(const bool val) { shaderParameters.pixe void torchRangeChanged(const float val);
lLighting = val; invalidateCubemap(); } void enableLazyDrawingChanged(const bool val);
bool getShadowsEnabled(void) const { return shaderParameters.shadows void lazyDrawingIntervalChanged(const double val);
; } void onlyDominantFaceWhenMovingChanged(const bool val);
void setShadowsEnabled(bool shadowsEnabled) { shaderParameters.shado void secondDominantFaceWhenMovingChanged(const bool val);
ws = shadowsEnabled; reinitShadowmapping = true; invalidateCubemap(); } void cubemapSizeChanged(const uint val);
bool getUseSimpleShadows() const {return simpleShadows; } void shadowmapSizeChanged(const uint val);
void setUseSimpleShadows(bool val) { simpleShadows = val; reinitShad
owmapping = true; invalidateCubemap(); } void currentSceneChanged(const SceneInfo& sceneInfo);
bool getBumpsEnabled(void) const { return shaderParameters.bump; } void currentSceneIDChanged(const QString& sceneID);
void setBumpsEnabled(bool bumpsEnabled) { shaderParameters.bump = bu void loadingSceneIDChanged(const QString& sceneID);
mpsEnabled; invalidateCubemap(); }
bool getTorchEnabled(void) const { return shaderParameters.torchLigh //! This signal is emitted from another thread than this QObject belong
t; } s to, so use QueuedConnection.
void setTorchEnabled(bool torchEnabled) { shaderParameters.torchLigh void progressReport(const QString& str, int val, int min, int max) cons
t = torchEnabled; invalidateCubemap(); } t;
S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality getShadowFilterQuality() const { return
shaderParameters.shadowFilterQuality; } public slots:
void setShadowFilterQuality(S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality quality) { //! Performs a relative translation of the viewer's position.
shaderParameters.shadowFilterQuality = quality; reinitShadowmapping=true; i //! The values should usually be given pre-adjusted with the delta time
nvalidateCubemap();} .
bool getPCSS() const { return shaderParameters.pcss; } //! Does nothing if no scene is currently loaded.
void setPCSS(bool val) { shaderParameters.pcss = val; reinitShadowma //!
pping = true; invalidateCubemap(); } //! The first component specifies movement in the "right" direction, th
bool getLocationInfoEnabled(void) const { return textEnabled; } e second
void setLocationInfoEnabled(bool locationinfoenabled) { this->textEn //! component in the "forward" directon, and the last value
abled = locationinfoenabled; } //! is used to adjust the height offset of the viewer (he is still
//! positioned according to the heightmap).
bool getLazyCubemapEnabled() const { return lazyDrawing; } void relativeMove(const Vec3d& move);
void setLazyCubemapEnabled(bool val) { lazyDrawing = val; }
double getLazyCubemapInterval() const { return lazyInterval; } //! Clears the shader cache, forcing a reload of shaders on use
void setLazyCubemapInterval(double val) { lazyInterval = val; } void reloadShaders();
//This has the be the most crazy method name in the plugin //! Display text message on screen, fade out automatically
void getLazyCubemapUpdateOnlyDominantFaceOnMoving(bool &val, bool &a void showMessage(const QString& message);
lsoSecondDominantFace) { val = updateOnlyDominantOnMoving; alsoSecondDomina
ntFace = updateSecondDominantOnMoving; } //! Shows the stored view dialog
void setLazyCubemapUpdateOnlyDominantFaceOnMoving(bool val, bool als void showStoredViewDialog();
oSecondDominantFace) { updateOnlyDominantOnMoving = val; updateSecondDomina
ntOnMoving = alsoSecondDominantFace; } //! Enables/Disables the plugin
void setEnableScene(const bool val);
//! Does a cubemap redraw at the next possible opportunity when lazy bool getEnableScene() const {return flagEnabled; }
-drawing is enabled.
inline void invalidateCubemap() { lastCubemapUpdate = 0.0; } void setEnablePixelLighting(const bool val);
bool getEnablePixelLighting(void) const;
S3DEnum::CubemappingMode getCubemappingMode() const { return cubemap
pingMode; } //! Use this to set/get the enableShadows flag.
//! Changes cubemapping mode and forces re-initialization on next dr //! If set to true, shadow mapping is enabled for the 3D scene.
aw call. void setEnableShadows(const bool enableShadows);
//! This may not set the actual mode to the parameter, call getCubem bool getEnableShadows(void) const;
appingMode to find out what was set.
void setCubemappingMode(S3DEnum::CubemappingMode mode) //! If true, only 1 shadow cascade is used, giving a speedup
{ void setUseSimpleShadows(const bool simpleShadows);
if(mode == S3DEnum::CM_CUBEMAP_GSACCEL && !isGeometryShaderC bool getUseSimpleShadows() const;
{ //! Use this to set/get the enableBumps flag.
//fallback to 6 Textures mode //! If set to true, bump mapping is enabled for the 3D scene.
mode = S3DEnum::CM_TEXTURES; void setEnableBumps(const bool enableBumps);
} bool getEnableBumps(void) const;
if(mode == S3DEnum::CM_CUBEMAP && isANGLEContext())
{ //! Returns the current shadow filter quality.
//Cubemap mode disabled on ANGLE because of an imple S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality getShadowFilterQuality(void) const;
mentation bug with Qt 5.4's version //! Sets the shadow filter quality
mode = S3DEnum::CM_TEXTURES; void setShadowFilterQuality(const S3DEnum::ShadowFilterQuality val);
cubemappingMode = mode; reinitCubemapping = true; void setEnablePCSS(const bool val);
} bool getEnablePCSS() const;
void setUseFullCubemapShadows(bool val) { fullCubemapShadows = val; //! Returns the current cubemapping mode
invalidateCubemap();} S3DEnum::CubemappingMode getCubemappingMode(void) const;
bool getUseFullCubemapShadows() const { return fullCubemapShadows; } //! Sets the cubemapping mode
void setCubemappingMode(const S3DEnum::CubemappingMode val);
uint getCubemapSize() const { return cubemapSize; }
//! Note: This may not set the size to the desired one because of ha bool getUseFullCubemapShadows() const;
rdware limits, call getCubemapSize to receive the value set after this call void setUseFullCubemapShadows(const bool useFullCubemapShadows);
void setCubemapSize(uint size) { cubemapSize = (size > maximumFrameb //! Set to true to show some rendering debug information
ufferSize ? maximumFramebufferSize : size); reinitCubemapping = true; } void setEnableDebugInfo(const bool debugEnabled);
uint getShadowmapSize() const { return shadowmapSize; } bool getEnableDebugInfo() const;
//! Note: This may not set the size to the desired one because of ha
rdware limits, call getShadowmapSize to receive the value set after this ca //! Set to true to show the current standing positin as text on screen.
ll. void setEnableLocationInfo(const bool enableLocationInfo);
void setShadowmapSize(uint size) { shadowmapSize = (size > maximumFr bool getEnableLocationInfo() const;
amebufferSize ? maximumFramebufferSize : size); reinitShadowmapping = true;
} //! Set to true to add an additional light source centered at the curre
float getTorchBrightness() const { return torchBrightness; } nt position, useful in night scenes.
void setTorchBrightness(float brightness) { torchBrightness = bright void setEnableTorchLight(const bool enableTorchLight);
ness; invalidateCubemap(); } bool getEnableTorchLight() const;
float getTorchRange() const { return torchRange; }
void setTorchRange(float range) { torchRange = range; invalidateCube //! Sets the strength of the additional illumination that can be toggle
map(); } d when pressing a button.
void setTorchStrength(const float torchStrength);
void setLoadCancel(bool val) { loadCancel = val; } float getTorchStrength() const;
//! Sets the observer position to the specified grid coordinates. //! Sets the range of the torchlight.
//! The height is assumed to be at the feet, so make sure to set the void setTorchRange(const float torchRange);
eye height with setEyeHeight before, if necessary. float getTorchRange() const;
void setGridPosition(Vec3d pos);
//! Gets the current position on the scene's grid (height at feet) //! Sets the state of the cubemap lazy-drawing mode
Vec3d getCurrentGridPosition() const; void setEnableLazyDrawing(const bool val);
bool getEnableLazyDrawing() const;
//! Sets the observer eye height.
void setEyeHeight(const float eyeheight) { eye_height = eyeheight; } //! When true, only the face which currently is most dominantly visible
//! Gets the current observer eye height (vertical difference from f is updated while moving.
eet to camera position). void setOnlyDominantFaceWhenMoving(const bool val);
float getEyeHeight() const { return eye_height; } bool getOnlyDominantFaceWhenMoving() const;
enum ShadowCaster { None, Sun, Moon, Venus }; void setSecondDominantFaceWhenMoving(const bool val);
bool getSecondDominantFaceWhenMoving() const;
//! Returns the shader manager this instance uses
ShaderMgr& getShaderManager() { return shaderManager; //! Forces a redraw of the cubemap
} void forceCubemapRedraw();
//! Loads the model into GL and sets the loaded scene to be the curr //! Sets the interval for cubemap lazy-drawing mode
ent one void setLazyDrawingInterval(const double val);
void finalizeLoad(); double getLazyDrawingInterval() const;
//these are some properties that determine the features supported in //! Sets the size used for cubemap rendering.
the current GL context //! For best compatibility and performance, this should be a power of 2
//available after init() is called .
bool isGeometryShaderCubemapSupported() { return supportsGSCubemappi void setCubemapSize(const uint val);
ng; } uint getCubemapSize() const;
bool areShadowsSupported() { return supportsShadows; }
bool isShadowFilteringSupported() { return supportsShadowFiltering; //! Sets the size used for shadowmap rendering.
} //! For best compatibility and performance, this should be a power of 2
bool isANGLEContext() { return isANGLE; } .
unsigned int getMaximumFramebufferSize() { return maximumFramebuffer void setShadowmapSize(const uint val);
Size; } uint getShadowmapSize() const;
//these properties are only valid after init() has been called
bool getIsGeometryShaderSupported() const;
bool getAreShadowsSupported() const;
bool getIsShadowFilteringSupported() const;
bool getIsANGLE() const;
uint getMaximumFramebufferSize() const;
//! Gets the SceneInfo of the scene that is currently being displayed.
//! Check SceneInfo::isValid to determine if a scene is displayed.
SceneInfo getCurrentScene() const;
//! Returns the ID of the currently loaded scene, or an null string if
nothing is displayed.
QString getCurrentSceneID() const;
//! Returns the ID of the currently loading scene, or null if nothing i
s being loaded
QString getLoadingSceneID() const;
//! Gets the SceneInfo of the scene that is currently in the process of
being loaded.
//! Check SceneInfo::isValid to determine if a scene is loaded.
SceneInfo getLoadingScene() const { return currentLoadScene; }
//! This starts the scene loading process. This is asynchronous, this m
ethod returns after metadata loading.
//! @param name a valid scene name
//! @return The loaded SceneInfo. Check SceneInfo::isValid to make sure
loading was successful.
SceneInfo loadScenery3dByName(const QString& name);
//! This starts the scene loading process. This is asynchronous, this m
ethod returns after metadata loading.
//! @param id a valid scene id/folder path
//! @return The loaded SceneInfo. Check SceneInfo::isValid to make sure
loading was successful.
SceneInfo loadScenery3dByID(const QString& id);
QString getDefaultScenery3dID() const { return defaultScenery3dID; }
void setDefaultScenery3dID(const QString& id);
//! Changes the current view to the given view. JD is updated only if v
iew contains valid data and setDate is true
void setView(const StoredView& view, const bool setDate);
//! Returns a StoredView that represents the current observer position
+ view direction.
//! Label and description are empty.
StoredView getCurrentView();
private slots:
void clearMessage();
void loadSceneCompleted();
void progressReceive(const QString& str, int val, int min, int max);
void loadScene(const SceneInfo& scene);
private: private:
Scenery3dMgr* parent; //! Loads config values from app settings
SceneInfo currentScene,loadingScene; void loadConfig();
ShaderMgr shaderManager; //! Creates all actions required by the plugin
PlanetP sun,moon,venus; void createActions();
//! Creates the toolbar buttons of the plugin
bool supportsGSCubemapping; //if the GL context supports geometry sh void createToolbarButtons() const;
ader cubemapping
bool supportsShadows; //if shadows are supported //! This is run asynchronously in a background thread, performing the a
bool supportsShadowFiltering; //if shadow filtering is supported ctual scene loading
bool isANGLE; //true if running on ANGLE S3DScene *loadSceneBackground(const SceneInfo &scene) const;
unsigned int maximumFramebufferSize;
GLuint defaultFBO; //the default background FBO handle // the other "main" objects
S3DRenderer* renderer;
float torchBrightness; // toggle light brightness Scenery3dDialog* scenery3dDialog;
float torchRange; // used to calculate attenuation like in the secon StoredViewDialog* storedViewDialog;
d form at
QSettings* conf;
bool textEnabled; // switchable value: display coordinates QString defaultScenery3dID;
bool debugEnabled; // switchable value: display debug graph bool cleanedUp;
ics and debug texts on screen
bool fixShadowData; //for debugging, fixes all shadow mapping relate Vec3d movementKeyInput;
d data (shadowmap contents, matrices, frustums, focus bodies...) at their c
urrent values StelCore* core;
bool simpleShadows; StelMovementMgr* mvMgr;
bool fullCubemapShadows; StelCore::ProjectionType oldProjectionType;
S3DEnum::CubemappingMode cubemappingMode;
bool reinitCubemapping,reinitShadowmapping; //screen messages (taken largely from AngleMeasure as of 2012-01-21)
LinearFader messageFader;
bool loadCancel; //true if loading process should be canceled QTimer* messageTimer;
Vec3f textColor;
unsigned int cubemapSize; // configurable values, typical QFont font;
ly 512/1024/2048/4096 QString currentMessage;
unsigned int shadowmapSize;
volatile bool loadCancel;
Vec3d absolutePosition; // current eyepoint in model (note: this StelProgressController* progressBar;
is actually the negated position, i.e. the value used to translate the vie SceneInfo currentLoadScene;
w matrix) S3DScene* currentScene;
Vec3d moveVector; // position change in scene coords QFutureWatcher<S3DScene*> currentLoadFuture;
Vec3f movement; // speed values for moving around the scener };
float eye_height; #include <QObject>
#include "StelPluginInterface.hpp"
StelCore* core;
LandscapeMgr* landscapeMgr; //! This class is used by Qt to manage a plug-in interface
StelProjectorP altAzProjector; class Scenery3dStelPluginInterface : public QObject, public StelPluginInter
QSharedPointer<OBJ> objModel, objModelLoad, groundModel, groundModel face
Load; {
Heightmap* heightmap; Q_OBJECT
Heightmap* heightmapLoad; Q_PLUGIN_METADATA(IID StelPluginInterface_iid)
Vec3d mainViewUp; public:
Vec3d mainViewDir; virtual StelModule* getStelModule() const;
Vec3d viewPos; virtual StelPluginInfo getPluginInfo() const;
virtual QObjectList getExtensionList() const;
int drawnTriangles,drawnModels;
int materialSwitches, shaderSwitches;
/// ---- Cubemapping variables ----
bool requiresCubemap; //true if cubemapping is required (if projecti
on is anything else than Perspective)
bool cubemappingUsedLastFrame; //true if cubemapping was used for th
e last frame. Used to determine if a projection switch occured.
bool lazyDrawing; //if lazy-drawing mode is enabled
bool updateOnlyDominantOnMoving; //if movement updates only dominant
face directly
bool updateSecondDominantOnMoving; //if movement also updates the se
cond-most dominant face
bool needsMovementEndUpdate;
bool needsCubemapUpdate; //if the draw-call has to recreate the cube
map completely
bool needsMovementUpdate; //if the draw-call has to recreate either
the whole cubemap or the dominant face
double lazyInterval; //the lazy-drawing time interval
double lastCubemapUpdate; //when the last lazy draw happened (JDay)
qint64 lastCubemapUpdateRealTime; //when the last lazy draw happened
(real system time, QDateTime::currentMSecsSinceEpoch)
qint64 lastMovementEndRealTime; //the timepoint when the last moveme
nt was stopped
GLuint cubeMapCubeTex; //GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP, used in CUBEMAP or CUB
GLuint cubeMapCubeDepth; //this is a depth-cubemap, only used in CUB
GLuint cubeMapTex[6]; //GL_TEXTURE_2D, for "legacy" TEXTURES mode
GLuint cubeRB; //renderbuffer for depth of a single face in TEXTURES
and CUBEMAP modes (attached to multiple FBOs)
int dominantFace,secondDominantFace;
//because of use that deviates very much from QOpenGLFramebufferObje
ct typical usage, we manage the FBOs ourselves
GLuint cubeFBO; //used in CUBEMAP_GSACCEL mode - only a single FBO e
xists, with a cubemap for color and one for depth
GLuint cubeSideFBO[6]; //used in TEXTURES and CUBEMAP mode, 6 textur
es/cube faces for color and a shared depth renderbuffer (we don't require t
he depth after rendering)
bool cubeMappingCreated; //true if any cubemapping objects have been
initialized and need to be cleaned up eventually
//cube geometry
QVector<Vec3f> cubeVertices, transformedCubeVertices;
QVector<Vec2f> cubeTexcoords;
QOpenGLBuffer cubeVertexBuffer;
QOpenGLBuffer transformedCubeVertexBuffer;
QOpenGLBuffer cubeIndexBuffer;
int cubeIndexCount;
//cube rendering matrices
QMatrix4x4 cubeRotation[6]; //rotational matrices for cube faces. Th
e cam position is added to this in each frame.
QMatrix4x4 cubeMVP[6]; //cube face MVP matrices
/// ---- Rendering information ----
//final model view matrix for shader upload
QMatrix4x4 modelViewMatrix;
//currently valid projection matrix for shader upload
QMatrix4x4 projectionMatrix;
// a struct which encapsulates lighting info
struct LightParameters
QMatrix4x4 shadowModelView;
ShadowCaster lightSource;
Vec3f lightDirectionV3f;
QVector3D lightDirectionWorld;
QVector3D ambient;
QVector3D directional;
QVector3D specular;
QVector3D emissive;
QVector3D torchDiffuse;
float torchAttenuation;
} lightInfo;
GlobalShaderParameters shaderParameters;
//Scene AABB
AABB sceneBoundingBox;
//Shadow Map FBO handles
QVector<GLuint> shadowFBOs;
//Holds the shadow textures
QVector<GLuint> shadowMapsArray;
//Holds the shadow transformation matrix per split (Crop/Projection/
QVector<QMatrix4x4> shadowCPM;
//Holds the xy-scaling of the orthographic light cam + pos of near/f
ar planes in view coords
//Needed for consistent shadow filter sizes and PCSS effect
QVector<QVector4D> shadowFrustumSize;
// Frustum of the view camera, constrainted to the shadowFarZ instea
d of the camFarZ
Frustum camFrustShadow;
//near/far planes for the orthographic light that fits the whole sce
float lightOrthoNear;
float lightOrthoFar;
//Array holding the split frustums
QVector<Frustum> frustumArray;
//Vector holding the convex split bodies for focused shadow mapping
QVector<Polyhedron> focusBodies;
float parallaxScale;
QFont debugTextFont;
QString lightMessage; // DEBUG/TEST ONLY. contains on-screen info on
ambient/directional light strength and source.
QString lightMessage2; // DEBUG/TEST ONLY. contains on-screen info o
n ambient/directional light strength and source.
QString lightMessage3; // DEBUG/TEST ONLY. contains on-screen info o
n ambient/directional light strength and source.
// --- initialization
//! Determines what features the current opengl context supports
void determineFeatureSupport();
//! Initializes cubemapping to the currently set parameters (6tex/cu
bemap/GS approaches)
bool initCubemapping();
//! Cleans up cubemapping related objects
void deleteCubemapping();
//! Re-initializes shadowmapping related objects
bool initShadowmapping();
//! Cleans up shadowmapping related objects
void deleteShadowmapping();
void calcCubeMVP();
// --- drawing methods ---
//! Basic setup for default perspective drawing. Standard OpenGL for
ward rendering.
void drawDirect();
//! When another projection than perspective is selected, rendering
is performed using a cubemap.
void drawWithCubeMap();
//! Performs the actual rendering of the shadow map
bool renderShadowMaps();
//! Creates shadowmaps for the specified cubemap face
void renderShadowMapsForFace(int face);
//! Generates a 6-sided cube map by drawing a view in each direction
void generateCubeMap();
//! Uses a geometry shader to render 6 faces in 1 pass
void renderIntoCubemapGeometryShader();
//! Uses 6 traditional rendering passes to render into a cubemap or
6 textures.
void renderIntoCubemapSixPasses();
//! Uses the StelPainter to draw a warped cube textured with our cub
void drawFromCubeMap();
//! This is the method that performs the actual drawing.
//! If shading is true, a suitable shader for each material is selec
ted and initialized. Submits 1 draw call for each StelModel.
//! @return false on shader errors
bool drawArrays(bool shading=true, bool blendAlphaAdditive=false);
// --- shading related stuff ---
//! Finds out the shadow caster and determines shadow parameters for
current frame
void calculateShadowCaster();
//! Calculates lighting related stuff and puts it in the lightInfo s
void calculateLighting();
//! Sets uniforms constant over the whole pass (=projection matrix,
lighting & shadow info)
void setupPassUniforms(QOpenGLShaderProgram *shader);
//! Sets up shader uniforms constant over the whole frame/side of cu
bemap (=modelview dependent stuff)
void setupFrameUniforms(QOpenGLShaderProgram *shader);
//! Sets up shader uniforms specific to one material
void setupMaterialUniforms(QOpenGLShaderProgram *shader, const OBJ::
Material& mat);
//! Finds the correct light source out of Sun, Moon, Venus, and retu
rns ambient and directional light components.
Scenery3d::ShadowCaster calculateLightSource(float &ambientBrightnes
s, float &diffuseBrightness, Vec3f &lightsourcePosition, float &emissiveFac
//! @return height at -absolutePosition, which is the current eye po
float groundHeight();
//Sets the scenes' AABB
void setSceneAABB(const AABB &bbox);
//Save the Frustum to be able to move away from it and analyze it
void saveFrusts();
//! Adjust the frustum to the loaded scene bounding box according to
Zhang et al.
void adjustShadowFrustum(const Vec3d viewPos, const Vec3d viewDir, c
onst Vec3d viewUp, const float fov, const float aspect);
//Computes the frustum splits
void computeFrustumSplits(const Vec3d viewPos, const Vec3d viewDir,
const Vec3d viewUp);
//Computes the focus body for given frustum
void computePolyhedron(Polyhedron& body, const Frustum& frustum, con
st Vec3f &shadowDir);
//Computes the crop matrix to focus the light
void computeCropMatrix(QMatrix4x4& cropMatrix, QVector4D &orthoScale
, Polyhedron &focusBody, const QMatrix4x4 &lightProj, const QMatrix4x4 &lig
//Computes the light projection values
void computeOrthoProjVals(const Vec3f shadowDir, float &orthoExtent,
float &orthoNear, float &orthoFar);
}; };
#endif #endif // _SCENERY3D_HPP_
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