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tmpFont.setPixelSize(confSettings->value("gui/base_font_size", 13).t oInt()); tmpFont.setPixelSize(confSettings->value("gui/base_font_size", 13).t oInt());
QGuiApplication::setFont(tmpFont); QGuiApplication::setFont(tmpFont);
// Initialize translator feature // Initialize translator feature
StelTranslator::init(StelFileMgr::getInstallationDir() + "/data/iso6 39-1.utf8"); StelTranslator::init(StelFileMgr::getInstallationDir() + "/data/iso6 39-1.utf8");
// Use our custom translator for Qt translations as well // Use our custom translator for Qt translations as well
CustomQTranslator trans; CustomQTranslator trans;
app.installTranslator(&trans); app.installTranslator(&trans);
StelMainView mainWin; StelMainView mainWin(confSettings);
mainWin.init(confSettings); // May exit(0) when OpenGL subsystem ins;
splash.finish(&mainWin); splash.finish(&mainWin);
app.exec(); app.exec();
mainWin.deinit(); mainWin.deinit();
delete confSettings; delete confSettings;
StelLogger::deinit(); StelLogger::deinit();
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN #ifdef Q_OS_WIN
if(timerGrain) if(timerGrain)
timeEndPeriod(timerGrain); timeEndPeriod(timerGrain);
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