AstroCalcDialog.hpp   AstroCalcDialog.hpp 
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void calculatePhenomena(); void calculatePhenomena();
void selectCurrentPhenomen(const QModelIndex &modelIndex); void selectCurrentPhenomen(const QModelIndex &modelIndex);
void savePhenomena(); void savePhenomena();
void drawAltVsTimeDiagram(); void drawAltVsTimeDiagram();
void drawCurrentTimeDiagram(); void drawCurrentTimeDiagram();
void mouseOverLine(QMouseEvent *event); void mouseOverLine(QMouseEvent *event);
void changePage(QListWidgetItem *current, QListWidgetItem *previous) ; void changePage(QListWidgetItem *current, QListWidgetItem *previous) ;
void updateSolarSystemData();
private: private:
class StelCore* core; class StelCore* core;
class SolarSystem* solarSystem; class SolarSystem* solarSystem;
class NebulaMgr* dsoMgr; class NebulaMgr* dsoMgr;
class StarMgr* starMgr; class StarMgr* starMgr;
class StelObjectMgr* objectMgr; class StelObjectMgr* objectMgr;
QTimer *currentTimeLine; QTimer *currentTimeLine;
//! Update header names for planetary positions table //! Update header names for planetary positions table
void setPlanetaryPositionsHeaderNames(); void setPlanetaryPositionsHeaderNames();
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