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001 "Toloatonga" _("Toloatonga") 001 "Toloatonga" _("Southern Wild Duck")
002 "Lua tangata" _("Lua tangata") 002 "Lua tangata" _("Two Men")
003 "Toloa" _("Toloa") 003 "Toloa" _("Wild Duck")
004 "Tu'ulalupe" _("Tu'ulalupe") 004 "Tu'ulalupe" _("Pigeon Perch")
005 "Toloalahi" _("Toloalahi") 005 "Toloalahi" _("Big Wild Duck")
006 "Fungasia" _("Fungasia") 006 "Fungasia" _("Mound Top")
007 "Tuinga ika" _("Tuinga ika") 007 "Tuinga ika" _("String of fishes")
008 "Houmatoloa" _("Houmatoloa") 008 "Houmatoloa" _("Wild Duck's Point of Land")
009 "Fatanalua" _("Fatanalua") 009 "Fatanalua" _("Two Carriers")
010 "Ae e'Uvea" _("Ae e'Uvea") 010 "ʻAo ʻo ʻUvea" _("Cloud of 'Uvea")
011 "Kapakau'o'tafahi" _("Kapakau'o'tafahi") 011 "Kapakau'o'tafahi" _("Wing of Tafahi")
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