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30520|ψ1_Aur 30520|ψ1_Aur
31832|ψ2_Aur 31832|ψ2_Aur
31789|ψ3_Aur 31789|ψ3_Aur
32173|ψ4_Aur 32173|ψ4_Aur
32480|ψ5_Aur 32480|ψ5_Aur
32562|ψ6_Aur 32562|ψ6_Aur
32844|ψ7_Aur 32844|ψ7_Aur
33133|ψ8_Aur 33133|ψ8_Aur
33377|ψ9_Aur 33377|ψ9_Aur
33485|ψ10_Aur 33485|ψ10_Aur
22453|1_Aur 22453|1_Aur
22678|2_Aur 22678|2_Aur
23015|3_Aur 23015|3_Aur
23179|4_Aur 23179|4_Aur
23261|5_Aur 23261|5_Aur
23268|6_Aur 23268|6_Aur
23416|7_Aur 23416|7_Aur
23453|8_Aur 23453|8_Aur
23783|9_Aur 23783|9_Aur
23767|10_Aur 23767|10_Aur
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98162|59_Sgr 98162|59_Sgr
98353|60_Sgr 98353|60_Sgr
98258|61_Sgr 98258|61_Sgr
98688|62_Sgr 98688|62_Sgr
98633|63_Sgr 98633|63_Sgr
98910|64_Sgr 98910|64_Sgr
98953|65_Sgr 98953|65_Sgr
80763|α_Sco 80763|α_Sco
78820|β1_Sco 78820|β1_Sco
78821|β2_Sco 78821|β2_Sco
78401|δ_Sco 78401|δ_Sco
82396|ε_Sco 82396|ε_Sco
82671|ζ1_Sco 82671|ζ1_Sco
82729|ζ2_Sco 82729|ζ2_Sco
84143|η_Sco 84143|η_Sco
86228|θ_Sco 86228|θ_Sco
87073|ι1_Sco 87073|ι1_Sco
87294|ι2_Sco 87294|ι2_Sco
86670|κ_Sco 86670|κ_Sco
85927|λ_Sco 85927|λ_Sco
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