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26207|_("White spot") 26207|_("White spot")
26311|_("The string of pearls") 26311|_("The string of pearls")
26634|_("The dove") 26634|_("The dove")
26727|_("The belt") 26727|_("The belt")
27366|_("The sword") 27366|_("The sword")
27628|_("The weight") 27628|_("The weight")
27989|_("Shoulder of the giant") 27989|_("Shoulder of the giant")
28360|_("Shoulder of Reins holder") 28360|_("Shoulder of Reins holder")
29655|_("Forward foot") 29655|_("Forward foot")
30122|_("Individual stars") 30122|_("Individual stars")
30324|_("The announcer of the southern Shinning one") 30324|_("The announcer of the southern Shining one")
30343|_("Tejat") 30343|_("Tejat")
30438|_("Suhayl") 30438|_("Suhayl")
31681|_("First one of the brand-mark") 31681|_("First one of the brand-mark")
32246|_("The outstretched paw") 32246|_("The outstretched paw")
32349|_("The southern Shinning one") 32349|_("The southern Shining one")
33579|_("The maidens") 33579|_("The maidens")
34045|_("The tow juror") 34045|_("The tow juror")
34088|_("The pulled-in paw") 34088|_("The pulled-in paw")
34444|_("The weight") 34444|_("The weight")
35550|_("Middle of the sky") 35550|_("Middle of the sky")
35904|_("The maidenhood") 35904|_("The maidenhood")
36188|_("The announcer of the northern Shinning one") 36188|_("The announcer of the northern Shining one")
36850|_("The twins forward head") 36850|_("The twins forward head")
37279|_("The northern Shinning one") 37279|_("The northern Shining one")
37826|_("The twins posterior head") 37826|_("The twins posterior head")
39429|_("Suhayl hadar") 39429|_("Suhayl hadar")
39953|_("Sworn Suhayl") 39953|_("Sworn Suhayl")
41704|_("One of the antelopes") 41704|_("One of the antelopes")
42806|_("Northern donkey") 42806|_("Northern donkey")
42911|_("Southern donkey") 42911|_("Southern donkey")
44066|_("The claw") 44066|_("The claw")
44127|_("The third leap") 44127|_("The third leap")
44816|_("Suhayl the weight") 44816|_("Suhayl the weight")
46390|_("The solitary one") 46390|_("The solitary one")
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