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GETTEXT_CREATE_TRANSLATIONS(stellarium-skycultures DEFAULT_TARGET FILE(GLOB poscfiles RELATIVE "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/po/stellarium-skycultures
aa ab ae af ak am an ar as ast av az ba be bg bh bi bn bo br bs ca ce /" "*.po")
ckb cs csb cv cy da de dv el en en_AU en_CA en_GB en_US eo es et eu fa fi f LIST(SORT poscfiles)
il fj fr fy ga gd gl gn gu gv haw he hi hne hr hrx ht hu hy ia id is it ja STRING(REGEX REPLACE ".po" "" outposcfiles "${poscfiles}")
jv ka kg kk km kn ko ky la lb lo lt lv mai mi mk ml mn mo moc mr ms mt na n
an nb ne nds nl nn oc os oj pa pl pt pt_BR ro ru sah sco se si sk sl sm sq GETTEXT_CREATE_TRANSLATIONS(stellarium-skycultures DEFAULT_TARGET ${outposc
sr su sv sw ta te tg th tl tr tt ug uk uz vi wa xh zh_CN zh_HK zh_TW zu files})
# Discard this target if xgettext is not installed # Discard this target if xgettext is not installed
generate-pot-stellarium-skycultures generate-pot-stellarium-skycultures
-o stellarium-skycultures.pot -o stellarium-skycultures.pot
--keyword=_ --keyword=_
--language=Python --language=Python
--add-comments=TRANSLATORS: --add-comments=TRANSLATORS:
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