MSSearchDialog.cpp   MSSearchDialog.cpp 
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delete m_ui; delete m_ui;
} }
void MSSearchDialog::retranslate() void MSSearchDialog::retranslate()
{ {
if (dialog) if (dialog)
{ {
m_ui->retranslateUi(dialog); m_ui->retranslateUi(dialog);
setHeaderNames(); setHeaderNames();
//Retranslate name and datatype strings if (!m_ui->listEvents->findItems("", Qt::MatchContains, 0).i
QTreeWidgetItemIterator it(m_ui->listEvents); sEmpty())
while (*it) searchEvents();
(*it)->setText(ColumnName, q_((*it)->text(ColumnName
//Data type
(*it)->setText(ColumnDataType, q_((*it)->text(Column
} }
} }
void MSSearchDialog::createDialogContent() void MSSearchDialog::createDialogContent()
{ {
m_ui->setupUi(dialog); m_ui->setupUi(dialog);
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN #ifdef Q_OS_WIN
// Kinetic scrolling for tablet pc and pc // Kinetic scrolling for tablet pc and pc
QList<QWidget *> addscroll; QList<QWidget *> addscroll;
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