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//! @class SearchDialog //! @class SearchDialog
//! The sky object search dialog. //! The sky object search dialog.
class SearchDialog : public StelDialog class SearchDialog : public StelDialog
{ {
Q_ENUMS(CoordinateSystem) Q_ENUMS(CoordinateSystem)
public: public:
//! @enum CoordinateSystem
//! Available coordinate systems //! Available coordinate systems
enum CoordinateSystem enum CoordinateSystem
{ {
equatorialJ2000, equatorialJ2000,
equatorial, equatorial,
horizontal, horizontal,
galactic, galactic,
ecliptic, ecliptic,
eclipticJ2000 eclipticJ2000
}; };
SearchDialog(QObject* parent); SearchDialog(QObject* parent);
virtual ~SearchDialog(); virtual ~SearchDialog();
//! Notify that the application style changed //! Notify that the application style changed
void styleChanged(); void styleChanged();
bool eventFilter(QObject *object, QEvent *event); bool eventFilter(QObject *object, QEvent *event);
//! Replaces all occurences of substrings describing Greek letters (
i.e. "alpha", "beta", ...)
//! with the actual Greek unicode characters.
static QString substituteGreek(const QString& keyString);
//! Returns the Greek unicode character for the specified letter str
ing (i.e. "alpha", "beta", ...)
static QString getGreekLetterByName(const QString& potentialGreekLet
//! URL of the default SIMBAD server (Strasbourg).
static const char* DEF_SIMBAD_URL;
public slots: public slots:
void retranslate(); void retranslate();
//! This style only displays the text search field and the search bu tton //! This style only displays the text search field and the search bu tton
void setSimpleStyle(); void setSimpleStyle();
//! Set the current coordinate system //! Set the current coordinate system
void setCurrentCoordinateSystem(CoordinateSystem cs) void setCurrentCoordinateSystem(CoordinateSystem cs)
{ {
currentCoordinateSystem = cs; currentCoordinateSystem = cs;
} }
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void updateListWidget(int index); void updateListWidget(int index);
// retranslate/recreate tab // retranslate/recreate tab
void updateListTab(); void updateListTab();
void showContextMenu(const QPoint &pt); void showContextMenu(const QPoint &pt);
void pasteAndGo(); void pasteAndGo();
private: private:
class SearchDialogStaticData
//! Greek letters and strings
QHash<QString, QString> greekLetters;
greekLetters.insert("alpha", QString(QChar(0x03B1)))
greekLetters.insert("beta", QString(QChar(0x03B2)));
greekLetters.insert("gamma", QString(QChar(0x03B3)))
greekLetters.insert("delta", QString(QChar(0x03B4)))
greekLetters.insert("epsilon", QString(QChar(0x03B5)
greekLetters.insert("zeta", QString(QChar(0x03B6)));
greekLetters.insert("eta", QString(QChar(0x03B7)));
greekLetters.insert("theta", QString(QChar(0x03B8)))
greekLetters.insert("iota", QString(QChar(0x03B9)));
greekLetters.insert("kappa", QString(QChar(0x03BA)))
greekLetters.insert("lambda", QString(QChar(0x03BB))
greekLetters.insert("mu", QString(QChar(0x03BC)));
greekLetters.insert("nu", QString(QChar(0x03BD)));
greekLetters.insert("xi", QString(QChar(0x03BE)));
greekLetters.insert("omicron", QString(QChar(0x03BF)
greekLetters.insert("pi", QString(QChar(0x03C0)));
greekLetters.insert("rho", QString(QChar(0x03C1)));
greekLetters.insert("sigma", QString(QChar(0x03C3)))
; // second lower-case sigma shouldn't affect anything
greekLetters.insert("tau", QString(QChar(0x03C4)));
greekLetters.insert("upsilon", QString(QChar(0x03C5)
greekLetters.insert("phi", QString(QChar(0x03C6)));
greekLetters.insert("chi", QString(QChar(0x03C7)));
greekLetters.insert("psi", QString(QChar(0x03C8)));
greekLetters.insert("omega", QString(QChar(0x03C9)))
static SearchDialogStaticData staticData;
class SimbadSearcher* simbadSearcher; class SimbadSearcher* simbadSearcher;
class SimbadLookupReply* simbadReply; class SimbadLookupReply* simbadReply;
QMap<QString, Vec3d> simbadResults; QMap<QString, Vec3d> simbadResults;
class StelObjectMgr* objectMgr; class StelObjectMgr* objectMgr;
class QSettings* conf; class QSettings* conf;
QString substituteGreek(const QString& keyString);
QString getGreekLetterByName(const QString& potentialGreekLetterName
QHash<QString, QString> greekLetters;
//! Used when substituting text with a Greek letter. //! Used when substituting text with a Greek letter.
bool flagHasSelectedText; bool flagHasSelectedText;
bool useStartOfWords; bool useStartOfWords;
bool useSimbad; bool useSimbad;
//! URL of the server used for SIMBAD queries. //! URL of the server used for SIMBAD queries.
QString simbadServerUrl; QString simbadServerUrl;
void populateSimbadServerList(); void populateSimbadServerList();
//! URL of the default SIMBAD server (Strasbourg).
static const char* DEF_SIMBAD_URL;
// The current coordinate system // The current coordinate system
CoordinateSystem currentCoordinateSystem; CoordinateSystem currentCoordinateSystem;
static QString extSearchText;
}; };
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