constellations_tour.ssc   constellations_tour.ssc 
// //
// Name: Constellations Tour // Name: Constellations Tour
// License: Public Domain // License: Public Domain
// Author: Alexander Wolf // Author: Alexander Wolf
// Shortcut: Ctrl+U,1 // Shortcut: Ctrl+D,1
// Description: A tour of the western constellations. // Description: A tour of the western constellations.
include(""); include("");
core.clear("starchart"); core.clear("starchart");
GridLinesMgr.setFlagEquatorGrid(false); GridLinesMgr.setFlagEquatorGrid(false);
ConstellationMgr.setFlagArt(false); ConstellationMgr.setFlagArt(false);
ConstellationMgr.setFlagBoundaries(false); ConstellationMgr.setFlagBoundaries(false);
ConstellationMgr.setFlagLines(false); ConstellationMgr.setFlagLines(false);
ConstellationMgr.setFlagLabels(false); ConstellationMgr.setFlagLabels(false);
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