StelGui.hpp   StelGui.hpp 
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bool flagShowNebulaBackgroundButton; bool flagShowNebulaBackgroundButton;
StelButton* btShowNebulaeBackground; StelButton* btShowNebulaeBackground;
bool initDone; bool initDone;
QSizeF savedProgressBarSize; QSizeF savedProgressBarSize;
// Currently used StelStyle // Currently used StelStyle
StelStyle currentStelStyle; StelStyle currentStelStyle;
// We use a QStringList to save the user-configured buttons while sc
ript is running, and restore them later.
QStringList scriptSaveSpeedbuttons;
}; };
#else // NO_GUI #else // NO_GUI
#include "StelGuiBase.hpp" #include "StelGuiBase.hpp"
#include <QProgressBar> #include <QProgressBar>
class StelGui : public StelGuiBase class StelGui : public StelGuiBase
{ {
public: public:
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