Planet.hpp   Planet.hpp 
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int unprojectedVertex; int unprojectedVertex;
int vertex; int vertex;
int texture; int texture;
int lightDirection; int lightDirection;
int eyeDirection; int eyeDirection;
int diffuseLight; int diffuseLight;
int ambientLight; int ambientLight;
int shadowCount; int shadowCount;
int shadowData; int shadowData;
int sunInfo; int sunInfo;
int skyBrightness;
void initLocations(QOpenGLShaderProgram*); void initLocations(QOpenGLShaderProgram*);
}; };
static PlanetShaderVars planetShaderVars; static PlanetShaderVars planetShaderVars;
static QOpenGLShaderProgram* planetShaderProgram; static QOpenGLShaderProgram* planetShaderProgram;
// Shader-related variables // Shader-related variables
struct RingPlanetShaderVars : public PlanetShaderVars { struct RingPlanetShaderVars : public PlanetShaderVars {
// Rings-specific variables // Rings-specific variables
int isRing; int isRing;
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