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80079|19_Sco 80079|19_Sco
80112|20_Sco 80112|20_Sco
80763|21_Sco 80763|21_Sco
80815|22_Sco 80815|22_Sco
81266|23_Sco 81266|23_Sco
82140|25_Sco 82140|25_Sco
82396|26_Sco 82396|26_Sco
82960|27_Sco 82960|27_Sco
85696|34_Sco 85696|34_Sco
85927|35_Sco 85927|35_Sco
4577|α_Scl 4577|α_Scl
116231|β_Scl 116231|β_Scl
115102|γ_Scl 115102|γ_Scl
117452|δ_Scl 117452|δ_Scl
8209|ε_Scl 8209|ε_Scl
183|ζ_Scl 183|ζ_Scl
2210|η_Scl 2210|η_Scl
950|θ_Scl 950|θ_Scl
1708|ι_Scl 1708|ι_Scl
761|κ1_Scl 761|κ1_Scl
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