testDeltaT.hpp   testDeltaT.hpp 
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#include <QTest> #include <QTest>
#include <QVector> #include <QVector>
#include <QString> #include <QString>
class TestDeltaT : public QObject class TestDeltaT : public QObject
{ {
private slots: private slots:
void initTestCase(); void initTestCase();
void testDeltaTByEspenakMeeus(); void testDeltaTByEspenakMeeus();
void testDeltaTByChaprontMeeus();
void testDeltaTByChaprontMeeusWideDates();
void testDeltaTByMorrisonStephenson1982WideDates();
void testDeltaTByStephensonMorrison1984WideDates();
}; };
#endif // _TESTDELTAT_HPP_ #endif // _TESTDELTAT_HPP_
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