SolarSystemManagerWindow.hpp   SolarSystemManagerWindow.hpp 
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void replaceConfiguration(); void replaceConfiguration();
void populateSolarSystemList(); void populateSolarSystemList();
void removeObject(); void removeObject();
void newImportMPC(); void newImportMPC();
void newImportManual(); void newImportManual();
void resetImportManual(bool); void resetImportManual(bool);
void repaintSolarSystemList();
private: private:
MpcImportWindow* mpcImportWindow; MpcImportWindow* mpcImportWindow;
ManualImportWindow * manualImportWindow; ManualImportWindow * manualImportWindow;
SolarSystemEditor * ssoManager; SolarSystemEditor * ssoManager;
QHash<QString,QString> unlocalizedNames; QHash<QString,QString> unlocalizedNames;
void updateTexts(); void updateTexts();
}; };
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