PointerCoordinates.hpp   PointerCoordinates.hpp 
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#include "StelModule.hpp" #include "StelModule.hpp"
#include <QFont> #include <QFont>
#include <QString> #include <QString>
#include <QPair> #include <QPair>
class QPixmap; class QPixmap;
class StelButton; class StelButton;
class PointerCoordinatesWindow; class PointerCoordinatesWindow;
/*! @defgroup pointerCoordinates Pointer Coordinates Plug-in
The %Pointer Coordinates plugin shows the coordinates of the mouse pointer.
The plug-ins' configuration data is stored in Stellarium's main configurati
file (section [PointerCoordinates]).
//! @class PointerCoordinates
//! Main class of the %Pointer Coordinates plugin.
//! @author Alexander Wolf
//! @ingroup pointerCoordinates
class PointerCoordinates : public StelModule class PointerCoordinates : public StelModule
{ {
Q_ENUMS(CoordinatesPlace) Q_ENUMS(CoordinatesPlace)
Q_ENUMS(CoordinateSystem) Q_ENUMS(CoordinateSystem)
Q_PROPERTY(bool enabled Q_PROPERTY(bool enabled
READ isEnabled READ isEnabled
WRITE enableCoordinates) WRITE enableCoordinates)
public: public:
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