FOV.hpp   FOV.hpp 
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#ifndef _FOV_HPP_ #ifndef _FOV_HPP_
#define _FOV_HPP_ #define _FOV_HPP_
#include "StelGui.hpp" #include "StelGui.hpp"
#include "StelModule.hpp" #include "StelModule.hpp"
#include <QString> #include <QString>
class FOVWindow; class FOVWindow;
/*! @defgroup fieldOfView Field of View Plug-in
The %Field of View plugin allows stepwise zooming via keyboard shortcuts li
in the Cartes du Ciel planetarium program.
The plug-ins' configuration data is stored in Stellarium's main configurati
file (section [FOV]).
//! @class FOV
//! Main class of the %Field of View plugin.
//! @author Alexander Wolf
//! @ingroup fieldOfView
class FOV : public StelModule class FOV : public StelModule
{ {
public: public:
FOV(); FOV();
~FOV(); ~FOV();
virtual void init(); virtual void init();
virtual void deinit(); virtual void deinit();
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