MeteorShower.hpp   MeteorShower.hpp 
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virtual QString getNameI18n(void) const virtual QString getNameI18n(void) const
{ {
return q_(designation.trimmed()); return q_(designation.trimmed());
} }
virtual QString getEnglishName(void) const virtual QString getEnglishName(void) const
{ {
return designation.trimmed(); return designation.trimmed();
} }
QString getDesignation(void) const; QString getDesignation(void) const;
void update(double deltaTime); void update(double deltaTime);
static float showLabels; static bool showLabels;
//! Get current activity status of MS //! Get current activity status of MS
//! @return 0:inactive 1:activeRealData 2:activeGenericData //! @return 0:inactive 1:activeRealData 2:activeGenericData
int getStatus() int getStatus()
{ {
return status; return status;
} }
//! Get peak //! Get peak
//! @return peak //! @return peak
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