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48437|8_Sex 48437|8_Sex
48990|12_Sex 48990|12_Sex
49329|13_Sex 49329|13_Sex
49530|14_Sex 49530|14_Sex
49641|15_Sex 49641|15_Sex
49812|17_Sex 49812|17_Sex
49865|18_Sex 49865|18_Sex
50027|19_Sex 50027|19_Sex
50414|22_Sex 50414|22_Sex
50684|23_Sex 50684|23_Sex
50885|25_Sex 50885|25_Sex
51362|29_Sex 51362|29_Sex
51437|30_Sex 51437|30_Sex
52316|33_Sex 52316|33_Sex
52452|35_Sex 52452|35_Sex
52584|36_Sex 52584|36_Sex
52913|40_Sex 52913|40_Sex
52980|41_Sex 52980|41_Sex
21421|α_Tau 21421|α_Tau
25428|β_Tau 25428|β_Tau
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