SatellitesImportDialog.hpp   SatellitesImportDialog.hpp 
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//! not all available items. //! not all available items.
void setCheckState(Qt::CheckState state); void setCheckState(Qt::CheckState state);
TleDataHash newSatellites; TleDataHash newSatellites;
bool isGettingData; bool isGettingData;
int numberDownloadsComplete; int numberDownloadsComplete;
QNetworkAccessManager* downloadMgr; QNetworkAccessManager* downloadMgr;
QList<QNetworkReply*> activeDownloads; QList<QNetworkReply*> activeDownloads;
QStringList sourceUrls; QStringList sourceUrls;
QList<QFile*> sourceFiles; QList<QFile*> sourceFiles;
QProgressBar* progressBar; class StelProgressController* progressBar;
QStandardItemModel* newSatellitesModel; QStandardItemModel* newSatellitesModel;
QSortFilterProxyModel * filterProxyModel; QSortFilterProxyModel * filterProxyModel;
}; };
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