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67288|87_Vir 67288|87_Vir
67494|89_Vir 67494|89_Vir
67929|90_Vir 67929|90_Vir
68092|92_Vir 68092|92_Vir
68520|93_Vir 68520|93_Vir
68940|95_Vir 68940|95_Vir
69127|96_Vir 69127|96_Vir
69427|98_Vir 69427|98_Vir
69701|99_Vir 69701|99_Vir
69974|100_Vir 69974|100_Vir
70012|12_Vir 70012|102_Vir
70680|14_Vir 70220|103_Vir
70755|15_Vir 70680|104_Vir
70794|16_Vir 70755|105_Vir
71957|17_Vir 70794|106_Vir
72154|18_Vir 71957|107_Vir
72220|109_Vir 72220|109_Vir
73620|110_Vir 73620|110_Vir
44382|α_Vol 44382|α_Vol
41312|β_Vol 41312|β_Vol
34473|γ1_Vol 34473|γ1_Vol
34481|γ2_Vol 34481|γ2_Vol
35228|δ_Vol 35228|δ_Vol
39794|ε_Vol 39794|ε_Vol
37504|ζ_Vol 37504|ζ_Vol
41003|η_Vol 41003|η_Vol
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